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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Matrix + matrix = matrices; dominatrix +dominatrix = dominatrices? (Thaaaaanks.)

Why do people dislike me because I decide I won't continue to lie to them?

My trumpet notebook is due at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Haven't started. Don't know what needs to be in it. Don't, at this point, give a rat's arse.

::wanders off to contemplate emotional airports and how much she hates her life at this moment::

At this time in 3 days, I will be at a cast party. Not, frankly, that I can bring myself to care that much.

My lip hurts.

I don't have energy to cry anymore because I never had dinner, except a small bag of Trash.


Current Mood: overwhelmed
Current Music: Tiffany singing f*cking music from Moulin Rouge
hi, and thanks!

I'm so glad you're enjoying my fic, and really appreciate your random w00t in my LJ. :)

And now that you're on my friends list, you might care to check out this AU ficlet.

Re: hi, and thanks!


::against all odds and her own preference, makes herself save the ficlet for after-I-did-my-conducting-final cookie::

::adds you back!::

Today it's your birthday

...happy birthday to you!

Re: Today it's your birthday

Heh. How cheery. ;)

Thanks, slice.