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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

In case anyone from school is reading this: I am no longer feeling so resoundingly negative. I have been just a little bit taken care of, and just a little bit is rather enough - at least for the time being.

Dr. Hamel told me to quit being sick and go see the nurse practitioner. Then Doc told me to quit being in Theory and go take a nap. And Megnn and Mark told me to feel better and were briefly absurdly (tho endearingly... thanks, y'all) overprotective. I actually went and made copies for Prof Jones and then went to the nurse (where I was given pills for my cold YAY) and then sat tiredly on the steps while I waited for Choir to get out, and where Doc saw me and scolded me for not being in bed. But then choir did get out, and I did go briefly to bed. That was nice.

Got a few new marches in band today. As a french horn player, marches are obviously not my favorite thing. But these are okay.

Tomorrow: second rehearsal and setup for Haunted House. And no aural skills 'cos Dr. Hamel went to a convention thingy. And... something I just forgot. D'oh.

::fights urge to look for and eat a *3rd* package of chocolate chip cookies::

Current Mood: better
Current Music: Chim Chim Chirree (c/o Carla)