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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I realized something very important today:

Tomorrow is Katie's Birthday!

I also realized that if I'm excited about a subject, it doesn't really matter how annoying/boring the teacher is. Example: Drummond. If I had to put up with him more than an hour every other day, I'm sure I'd go bonkers. But at the end of class when he says "I sure had a great time today! Tell your neighbor what a great time you had too!" I can almost always say "I had a great time today!"

Go figure.

Lydia's talking to herself again.

Had a brilliant idea whilst I napped today: Instead of majoring in instrumental and vocal, like everyone keeps telling me to do, why don't I just major in instrumental and English? That'd be a lot more fun, imo.

Say the Collegian puts out 32 issues a year. If I only have to write one story a week, that works out to getting $31.25 per story. Do pro journalists even make that much?? I wish I got $31.25 for every paper I wrote. I'd be ... well, if not rich, well on my way to being able to buy my own house. :)

In this lesson we learn that the square root of 1000, or the root of 2(500) is somewhere between 31.25 and 32...
(It is in fact found handily almost smack in the middle at just a hair under 31.62277660168379332)

Okay. That's quite enough of that. (btw - this is post-posted because our ISP is asinine and wouldn't let me sign on last night.)

Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Save the People - Godspell (When wilt thou save the people? o God of Mercy, when? The people, Lord, the people - not thrones and crowns, but men! -- God save the people, for thine they are...)