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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
But it's a nice cold. Just my fingers and toes.

I ended up breaking into McFlurry to spend an exciting Friday night doing my wash and rehashing old days (ie., watching Lydia whupass on Gauntlet). This was good; I was able to cram everything into two washer and dryerloads, 'cos they have an extra-big washer. It was v. cool. Not all my stuff got quite dry (like jeans) but I hung them up and they were perfectly fine by the time I got around to wearing them today.

Saturday: Marching taking up all time from 9 AM to 5 PM. By the end of this, I was too tired to do much. Fortunately the weather was gorgeous - perfect, even; upper 60's and clear as a bell, with a steady breeze. And we actually won the HC game. Amazing! It was a nailbiter; we were ahead-behind-ahead-behind till a miracle TD with about 4:00 in 4th quarter. Go, football team! I'm glad you don't suck this year!
Alpha alumnae tea was canceled due to lack of interest (read: all the alumnae were at the bar, preferring beer to tea.) Went to scarf some dinner in the 20 minutes I had before SAI tea. Mark was incredibly sad - enough that I could feel it, and I was amazed that I could feel it. Tiffany said some silly things and distracted him and made him laugh. Go Tiffany! Poor silly boy does not know what he was doing, or what he's done. Hopefully he will figure it out soon.
SAI tea was good fun and good tea, and getting to talk to some wise people from years long hence. Afterward, I went to Tiffany's room to hang out - had not done so for long long time. Good fun (kinda) tho we were mostly too tired and cranky to be good for much.

Today - church; Central Pantomime Theatre Company (extant for a brief stint in the 70s) did 2 sketches during church. They rawked. One was short and cute; the other one was longer, and a solo, and the guy who did it was awesome. I cried. And it was gorgeous again today. I ran to Columbia to buy a rose for Sarah Cavanagh, who did a clarinet recital today and was one of the Phi Beta's responsible for getting our SAI chapter started. Spent entirely too much money at Wal-Mart buying chips and foot scrub and toaster strudel and milk and oatmeal. And bought some Chinese food which as it turns out is still in my fridge waiting to be eaten.
Recital was quite awesome. V. difficult music performed v. well. Was one flute/cl. duet; I have not seen a flutist jump up and down so much while playing since visuals at West. >:D
Later, went to Boonville WalMart 'cos Jennifer needed to buy stuff and I needed to go to a post office with a pickup before 3:30 (which is the *only* pickup at the main branch in Fayette.) Roar.

Such beautiful weather; mostly clear and cool enough for sweaters but not too cold for Okas and no socks. Woodsmoke and drying leaves in the air. I think we would be much more productive students if school didn't start till about now, when it actually feels like school weather.

Got so much sleep this weekend that I started waking up before my alarm. Wow. Am now going to do theory so I can continue to do so.

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