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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
PRS Drinking Game

Drink when:

Ryan gazes into the middle distance while a client is talking to him
Ryan looks like he might be about to burst into laughter while a client is talking to him
Ryan wears something that makes you want to suggest a Paranormal State/What Not To Wear collaboration
A medium confirms everything the team has already discovered
Serge looks concerned about something Ryan proposes to do (drink twice if Ryan actually takes this into account)
Ryan introduces the solution to the case with an apparent non-sequitur, like "I'm remembering that ..."
You're tempted to fill in the space after "Director's log" with "Supplemental. Stardate ..."
Chip queens out
Michelle is AWESOME
Chad flips his shit (drink twice if this occurs outside of dead time; chug if he "has to get some air")

Drink once for each participant who casts out a spirit/demon/etc. in the name of Jesus or St. Michael

Chug when:
PRS does their briefing around a table at an (ostenstibly) local restauraunt
Ryan does something other than gaze into the middle distance or look vaguely amused
You're convinced the case was actually thoroughly researched
You're convinced that the solution is legit
Someone actually shouts "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU"
The client is so crazy that s/he actually manages to upstage Ryan

Bonus Lolligagger Section:
Drink when:
Chase says "Huh-UH" (max. 3 drinks/segment)
Josh says "She is just SO DAMN PRETTY" about Katrina or the client in the "soul collector" episode