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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Am not writing about unhappy things ATM. I just got happy, for Pete's sake.

Some good parts o' yesterday:
I did not do anything really asinine during runthrough. My mom, Simone, is cool for many reasons... even though I had never seen her in my life before yesterday. :P Another brekkie buffet run to Bobber. Hooooooray.

Some good parts o' today:
Tho pregame was a huge mess, and halftime was not too great, we actually won the football game. I got to lead 4th quarter and I didn't do anything terribly stupid. My skirt (for field commanding) is the deal; it is flowy and pretty and swirls out in a most excellent way when I spin in a circle. Chaz bought me a vanilla Coke for no apparent reason. We marched the square and I was actually not dead by the end of it. Instead, I went shopping in Columbia, where not only did my family collectively end up with $170 worth of clothes for about $75, I also got to eat a really good sub, and am now only pleasantly hungry (am enjoying a wee bit of asceticism ere I go eat myself silly on chocolate.) It was a beautiful, golden, sunshiny borderline day; too warm but not too hot, and not nearly long enough. We're supposed to get some more like it, which I will believe when I see them.

And a week from now, I will be a sister more than thrice over.

Current Mood: Meh.
Current Music: Tell Me - Madonna -- Mustang Sally - pep band