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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Some random thinkage.

Do not want to get up for trumpet class in the morning. I cannot help but think that a month of corps and then a semester of trumpet class are prolly NOT doing wonders for my horn chops.

Random happy memory: winter break of junior year; staying up till 3 AM eating white truffle Toblerone while reading HP 2 and 3.

Random new guy in Astro today (which, btw, is the frickin' deal.) The first thing he did (after introducing himself) was try to track down the person who had the previous highest score on the entry quiz. Unfortunately, he was misinformed. *I* had the highest score on the entry quiz and it was one point over his. ;D Was very competitive and also rather goofy. Must get to know him better. Pref. quickly. Finding self really weirdly attracted by this strange behavior.

Have not yet heard whether boil order on water was rescinded yet. Am hoping so and drinking tapwater anyway. Can't possibly be worse than the water in Midland. (you know, the water that was so salty that you got *more* dehydrated drinking it... and the runs as well... go ahead, ask us how much fun it was trying to keep from getting completely dessicated and blowing away in the wind...)

Worked on marching inside today (practiced attacks in both feet.) I was in charge. It was the deal. Woo!

Am bit worried about Adam (one of the freshies I am spozed to be mentoring.) Think he is being widely misconstrued. Hope he can learn to either make more sense or take people's reactions in stride. ::sigh::

Word to Mark for being cast as Little Bat. W00t! ::really is looking forward to rehearsals; expecting them to be monstrously entertaining, as they are also going to involve mnn and Dirk::

Dirk = new guy from California. Dirk was in colorguard in the Navy. He plays xylophone and wears leather pants and is one of the 1% of the people who are so radically different from everyone else that the campus is halfway interesting.

Was told today that the Eyrie is now doing one meal a DAY on your ID instead of $2.50 (not even enough for a meal) per week. ROCK ON!!

Current Mood: Happy, feelin' glad.
Current Music: Hanon etudes