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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
I'm not dead yet!

Another day that (except for the evening's festivities) was extraordinarily unremarkable. The fact that I just watched the system clock go from 29 to 30 *and* move the hour hand and the minute hand a big click at the same time *and* see all the numbers AND the am/pm flip over is just the capstone. :)

Sorry for lack of posts lately; haven't had much to say nor much time to say it in. Will try to make up for it with extra-long post today... including the epic email it took me an hour to write...

Nothing remarkable happened until about 4:30...Danny Pak was student conducting... and all I have to say about that is "It's a riTARD, not a RItard!...I'm the retard!"
Then after the break, Dr. Ruess asked us (the horns) "How will you know when you're doing it right?"
Silla immediately replied "When you stop singing!"
Amid gales of laughter, Micah chimed in with "Oh, happy day!"

Yeah, band was fun. :)

We had shrimp for dinner! Which is only a rip-off because there was also steak and we weren't allowed to have both. But that's okay, because whenever I eat their steak, I feel full until about 2 am.

After jazz band, I spent a few minutes practicing being really loud even when I didn't know what I was doing (aka practicing for drum corps.) We then proceeded to have a party in the Con. Con parties just rule. I wrote out the words to my composition and the chord numbers, joked around with the PMA pledges till Chaz let off a stinkbomb in the music office; then I went outside and cut snowflakes for a while. Went to this goofy game-show thing with Carla, then back to continue the Con party and glean bits of sage advice from Hilary, as well as some hilarious Josh tales.
And now for a tangent... It bothers me, not logically but kind of karmically, that Josh is a really fun and entertaining person to be around with one-on-one, but turns into a total moron in a group. Bummer, 'cos I usually only see him in groups. :P Hilary told us about the fun times available in composition class and got me thoroughly excited for that. :)
Then Carla, Brandi and I went outside, ran over to Linn to smell the christmas tree (causing Jeff and whoever the PMA active was to have to talk in extremely hushed voices so we couldn't hear... sorry, Jeff) and had a PBS Songfest right there in the breezeway (consisted mostly of singing the Sesame Street song loudly several times.) Came back and drank a cup of Carla's famed cocoa whilst pulling fashion advice for Kourtney out of my arse, and kifed another cup to drink as I write. No, it's not messy. Yet.

Good grief, who reads this stuff? The evening I just described was the best one I've had in a while (at least a week, possibly since the last rush I went to). It was thrilling fun to do, but what on earth would posess anyone to read it? It must be insanely boring.

Er, yeah. And now for the Epic Email that took me like an hour and a half, as I may or may not have mentioned and don't care to go look 'cos I'd lose my place at the end of the line.
This was written to my eldest cousin Benjamin, who lives in Japan, and from whom I hadn't heard for almost two years exactly. AUGH... the people next door have put on the Enrique Iglesias song again. I used to like it a lot. I still do, theoretically. But I can't seem to go an hour without hearing it. :P I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Rufus Wainwright is absolutely the man. Listen to his stuff three or four times before deciding you like it (by the time you've heard it three times, you WILL like it. Unless you're really weird.)

None of that was in the email. The following, however, was. I think it all makes sense on its own, though some of it was reply material.

It is objectifying and sanity-inducing to write. Write on. :)

Rhythm... aaahh. It took me a long time (or maybe it was not a long time... anyway, it was years ago) to figure out just how rhythmic Iam, and everything else is. I have little use for things without rhythm. There are only a few things that are utterly without rhythm; mashed potatoes is one of them, but fortunately for mashed potatoes, I like them just the same. Er... yeah, anyway... Because what do I do? I write things that are meant to be read (like poems and stories that really should be scripts). I dance, play music, and march around. I swim. I tap and fidget, type, talk. I contemplate rhythms that aren't sounds while the next-room neighbor's stereo blasts at full volume...
In that vein (sort of) - you may or may not have heard of a group called Stomp who (i believe) is on Broadway at the moment. They've got a video out, and I found it quite engaging. Basically twelve or fifteen people using anything and everything they can get their hands on to create rhythm. I was entranced. So was the drumline, who carried their sticks around with them for four months and used them to hit everything within reach....

Insight on insight:
I used to get these huge great flashes of knowledge about Great Important Stuff, like insights into the workings of the human psyche and the physics of the emotional/spiritual cosmos.
Then I realized that everything wasn't nearly cut-and-dried enough to fit neatly into the theorems that i thought in terms of, and for a while, I thought I wasn't thinking of anything new because I wasn't thinking in the terms I was accustomed to thinking in.
But I still think of things, they're just not great and all-encompassing anymore. Like the other day, when I suddenly realized that nowhere does it say Humpty Dumpty is an egg. I told my friend that, and she said "That's probably how the original illustrator drew him." As if that explained anything. ...It also never says that Humpty Dumpty is male, which I just now realized. Hmm.

Lydia (roomie) has turned up and commenced to play Green Day on her guitar. ::tries to refrain from smacking her head on the wall:: I really liked Green Day alright, until I was once subjected to listening to them nonstop for going on 96 hours. ...Yeah, it's fun times in the institution ;)

It interests me that the diatonic scale (the one used in Western music) has such a fuss made about it when there are so many grillion other musical series... handfuls of modes, pentatonic themes... And then of course there's atonality. It is quite impossible to be completely tonally inept, because if you don't fit into a mode or a scale, you're just atonal, and that's perfectly fine too.
Speaking of ethnomusicology... In music lit., we were assigned two papers on non-Western music; the particular topic was left up to us, though the professor recommended Middle Eastern, African, Asian, or Native American music.
I of course was absolutely forced to go outside the box; I wrote the first paper on australian Aboriginal music, in which I ineptly explained the aboriginal concept of time and space being the same thing (sort of ...ergh...). Then, since I could hardly get in over my head once and not do it again, I attempted to write about ancient Greek music. They had a nifty notation system (more tablature than staves) and they discovered cool things about harmonics, and they used quarter-tones, which is pretty tricky of them. I said a lot, but none of it was coherent. Fortunately, that particular professor does not have stringent writing standards.

I never understood the people who go on about how math and music are related. There's really nothing more complex than simple fractions. Music uses far more linguistic processes. (In my opinion.) Which I could of course go on about for days, because it's just so darn much fun to actually be able to discourse intelligently and thoroughly about something. :)

Whilst I innocently sat here typing, I was recruited to write articles for the school paper. Gadzooks. ...Well, I was just thinking that I needed to write more...

And now... back to our show...
Not entirely sure who wrote Rhythm (the book) but I will go find it.

Taiko is very, very cool. I saw/heard/beheld a group at the Japanese Festival (not actually what it's called, but what it is) at the botanical garden in st. louis last year. Spiffy beyond belief. :)
My major criteria for enjoyable rhythm is whether there is movement in it, whether it is willing to dance on its own.

::rereads:: ::is astounded at the way that many tangents can organize thoughts::

My music teachers have always been the ones I liked to see, 'cos they were always the ones who told me things I wanted/needed to know. What I would really like to do is go on being a band kid all my life; I spoze this is pretty much the same thing. :)

It has fortunately been a long time since I had a language teacher who had us translate. Translation is good for Latin and Greek, maybe Hebrew, but little else. It's really pretty counterproductive, in fact, if you assume that the goal is effective communication.

Effective communication. Indeed... :/ :)

bright blessings --ruthan :)

Yeah... that took me an hour and a half. I dunno.

Despite the fact that there is NO CMC 111 tomorrow because Prof. Jones really *does* love us, I'm wrapping it up for tonight, going to check email and hit the Z's. ;-D

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>>I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Rufus Wainwright is absolutely the man. Listen to his stuff three or four times before deciding you like it (by the time you've heard it three times, you WILL like it. Unless you're really weird.)

Um, yeah, dude, what did I tell you?

Re: humpty dumpty. That nursery rhyme, I imagine, had some sort of political significance for its time. I doubt it is a literal song about an egg. So, I did say that's how the original illustrator (likely the author that publish the nursery rhyme first, though they are probably not the ones who wrote it) drew him, but it was probably a metaphor, the eggshell being an extension of that.

Glad you're having...fun...

Re: Jackass

::snicker:: It's not anonymous when you put your official title in the subject line...

::runs away::