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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Okay, so I finally figured out why my friends' page looks hideous, with blue subjects and blue vlinks. And I fixed it. :D

Am going to St. Louis in short order.

I had the nifitiest dream last night. The person who was REALLY in charge of building a space station put me functionally in charge of the space station - that is, I was in charge of asking everyone and making sure their part of the job was coming along okay. I *had* been cutting bread. I think Captain Picard was there, and I know Kes was, because whoever was in charge of seeing that *she* got *her* part built was being kind of mean, and she told him that she and her workers were going to have a party on the space station because it was coming along very well. (she sang "We're gonna have a party tonight, a party tonight, I know.")
The space station was built entirely out of these triangular pieces. A long time before, there was a little girl who had five triangles (tetrahedrons) joined together (actually, I guess it would be 9 tetrahedrons total, 'cos it was 5 tetrahedrons per side... anyway) and she pretended it was her space station. Then she met a little boy who had the same kind of space station! So they put them together to make a big space station with 10 triangles (or 18, whatever) and were very happy. I feel like I read this somewhere, in a L'Engle* book or something. That space station was eventually actually put in space, and had been added to bit by bit, and now there was a huge construction program going on (that I was now in charge of.) I was really happy to be in charge of it, 'cos I liked the project and I liked the people I was working with... they were very cool. I think there was a cute guy involved, too.

That was the dream.

*More thoughts on L'Engle.
Some of her books are the most amazing, compelling pieces of literature I've ever read. The Arm of the Starfish was excellent. On the other hand, I just read A Swiftly Tilting Planet. I found it to be somewhat contrived and rather repetitive. On the other hand, the recurring usage of the rune (so called... isn't a rune actually a letter symbol?) is exactly the kind of thing *I* would do. :P

::tries to learn a lesson from this::

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::sticks tongue out at you::

I love A Swiftly Tilting Planet! I find it utterly absorbing, compelling and beautiful. Then again, I did read it for the first time when I was eleven. That gives it childhood-based heart-significance and therefore makes me much grumpier when you diss it. Phhhbbbbtttt!!! -=Mely=-

Re: ::sticks tongue out at you::

It was indeed quite beautiful. It's just that when you have five themes that you rehash each chapter, and only five pages per chapter, there's not really any way to help it getting repetitive! :p

I should also point out that I first read it as a jaded college student. >:D