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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]


worked, got to meeting a half hour late 'cos (a) it was raining (b) i can't follow directions, am retarded. after meeting, mike & i were the only ones left for dinner. went to steak & ale. ate 8 ozs of prime rib (actually about 6... the other two were fat. or raw.) and salad and some excellent rice pilaf and some excellent potato stuff (saladlike, but the pieces were too big.) bread. rainbow sherbet.

meant to go to st. louis, but didn't get back from dinner till past 8. so decided not to.

is a good thing, as i was out cold at 10:30 and will be out cold again shortly.

tried to get on comp. earlier, but was having a dream, so went back to sleep briefly and finished.

rather, i'm going to st. louis in the morning...

Let me tell you how tired i am: i meant to put a period and two enter's after 'morning'. insteas i ended up putting an ellipsis.

then i tryied to to type 'elippsis'. and i'm not even boithering to correct this sentence, tho i know it is messed up.

okay, now that you all think i'm drunk or something...