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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Weird dream last night:

Was at this mini-city (a recurring element). Eight vertically elongated blocks; four short ends across by two long ends deep. All ground-level storefronts consisted of panes of glass with heavy metal (aluminum or steel) edges, about the size of the front of a big school locker. The doors were a pane of the same kind of thing. Most storefronts were only 2 or 3 panes wide, but restauraunts sometimes took up an entire half block (blocks were maybe 25 windows longways, and for some reason you couldn't walk between them shortways, but I'd guess about 7 windows that way.) Northwest corner of the rectangle was truncated, so the northwesternmost block was a long, pointy triangle and the southwesternmost block had an edge cut off it. North half of the southwesternmost block was a restauraunt; as I recall, the restauraunt was the only thing in the whole town that was still there, but it had just closed (though it was midafternoon.) I started walking up and down trying to write down the names of all the stores, so I could reconstruct the town elsewhere; in my dream I knew that I would be able to remember the whole store just by the name and location of it, though I don't remember actually coming up with any specifics. Above the stores there might have been apartments. I know there was something there, at least; the buildings were very tall. The streets and sidewalks (raised a little ways off the streets) may or may not have been made of wood. There was something surrounding the city; it might have been a really tall wooden fence.

Outside the city Carey was sitting on the front deck. I sat down on the bench/glider next to him. He seemed to be hitting on me an awful lot, considering the fact that elsewhere in the dream (a bit south of due east of the town), I had just been terribly upset with my mother for making me go out of town and miss his and Cailin's wedding - though at the time I couldn't remember whose wedding it was, I just knew it was someone or other's, and that is why I could not exactly place what was wrong with Carey being so ridiculously flirty. Unless it was Tony. That also would have been weird.

This must be the Perseverating Brain syndrome discussed on the WWDN soapbox (Spirituality forum, Dream Experience thread.) >:D

I think there was more, but I have forgotten it since I started writing. It is probably a bit odd to not type one's dream out till 8:30 pm (I got up around 9A) but ... I kept forgetting to do it ;)

I bought some candles, cute blue sneaker/clogs, a blue shirt with an AWESOME SPARKLY DRAGONFLY PIN, and ROLLER SKATES!! today. And black pants and shoes for work. (Still no black socks, though. Fnargh.)

And again I feel like I have spent too much money. ::sigh::

But... yumm! My candles smell SO good! They are Rose Water and Jasmine Bouquet (or something) from Target. They have many cute dresses at Target. Of course, I want to spend a million dollars and buy them all.

::thwap self:: Silly Ruthan!

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