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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Upon second viewing...

More things I liked about Harry Potter:

1. Lee Jordan.
2. Oliver Wood... aka the hottest thing on a broomstick ever. The first thing I said upon my exit from the theatre was "Oliver Wood is a dish and I want him in bed." I think everyone was too busy laughing at the fact that I said "dish" to hear the second part. But that is indeed what I said.

More stupid things about Harry Potter:

1. Neither Petunia nor Dudley were blonde; Seamus was not sandy-haired, and Lily did not have green eyes. No Weasleys had freckles.
2. Why on earth did Harry spend the first half the match sitting on his broomstick making faces? Duh.... he's a Seeker, not a spectator!

In other news...
Got to see the West posse this weekend. CWP pizza is gross, but their salads are good. :) I got SO many hugs! ::happy happy::

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

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You are quite right to assume that we missed the "I want him in bed" part. Had I heard that, I probably would have died. As it is, it's sort of touch and go now.

There's a part of me that's very attracted to big spectacles (a part that I try to kill. Die, die, die), and I think that might be why I enjoyed HP so much. Also, I haven't read in the book since GoF came out (when I read all four in a quick stretch), so I didn't notice a lot of the little nitpicky things someone who was obsessed might have seen. Regardless: Snape was great. Daniel Radcliffe was pretty much exactly what I had in mind, except for the scar, which Chris Columbus thankfully kept covered for the most part because it looked damn ridiculous. Also, he had a really interesting accent. I do not, however, think he is a dish, nor do I want him in bed. Snape, on the other hand...Er, just kidding on that. Right-o.

From what I recall of the books, JKR has a tendency to end things rather abruptly—i.e., Harry gets knocked out and wakes up somewhere with Dumbledore (take that as you will).

Voldemort didn't look scary at all. He is really a terrible, terrible wizard, and the only time that I really felt the fear was when Harry went to get his wand and what's-his-face said something to the effect of, "He did great things. Terrible things, but great." Attached to Quirrell's head, Voldy looked like a cartoon. Perhaps they went overbudget on the Wizard's Chess scene and had to borrow The Mummy.