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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Fnargh, Pittsburgh, etc.

It drives me nutty when you don't realize one of your buddies is on till the buddylist window starts blinking 'cos they signed off.

Pittsburgh, in dribs and drabs:

Played in a nice steady torrential downpour. Floated boats made from tops of videotape boxes down the river in the gutter (thanks, vinnie!). I had been sitting out on the back steps trying to enjoy the light showers and my creamsicle and the quiet and writing in my notebook when Haley and Leah decided to go be noisy in the yard. Annoyed, I put my notebook up and went inside. Good thing I did, 'cos it was just in time for me to be standing up when the REAL rain started, and I went to play in it. :D

Random bangs outside Friday night. Could not help but wonder if people were shooting at each other or something. Samantha gave me the evil eye because I would not give her back her overly smutty book (she was only on page two at the time, and is now on page six, i think.) It's really not a very good book anyway.

Peonies + nursing home scent = gag.

::sings quarter-tones::

Went to the 3 Rivers Arts Festival to hang out and hear the Indigo Girls concert. Watched people go by. Such a lot of really beautiful people. I don't remember ever having seen so many before. Everyone just looked so interesting!

A couple extra-interesting people:
*Someone with a dark red corduroy vest and a tent in a box and awesome pins on their backpack, riding the EBA inbound about 4:30 PM on Friday, who got off at Penn Station
*A guy with a blue Hawaiian shirt with yellow flowers, wearing Tevas and a black baseball cap; first seen in the passing crowd on the fountain side of a bridge, then with some fellows sitting on a wall with some kind of strummed string instruments I didn't recognize, then on the 71C outbound about 9:40, getting off at the corner of Ellsworth and something else
had an UberFascinating vibe. So if you know/are them, and they/you remember seeing me (I was wearing the loud pink&orange&green floral print sundress).... I would <3 to get to know you, if you wanted to drop me a line or something... :)

Decided to quit being silly and go see ALL the St. Louis peeps.

Other than the pretty sundress, I also bought a tan tank top and a cool skirt (white with big black/red/gray cobblestone shapes) and a yellow tank top with a big Indian-flower-like print on it that (oddly enough) matches my maroon comfy pants perfectly.

Which reminds me, we also went to Phipps. I love that place so much. I want to get married in the wild garden room, the one across from the Broderie Garden. It's *so* pretty; there's a waterfall and all this lush greenery and little stone bridges. Hmmmmmm ::happy sigh::

Went to cousin Josh's graduation party; met his significant other Joanne (sp?) who seems to be a very cool person. This made me very happy :D

Okay, now going to SEND OFF the FINALLY-APPROVED newsletter (HALLELUJAH) and fill out my app to work at Andy's! which I must take to the Glenstone store at about 5 this evening. Wheeee ::excited to maybe be finally getting a job; says a little prayer::

::swings from the rafters despite stiff neck::

Current Mood: stiff neck :P
Current Music: Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls