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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Weeeeirdness... :p

Upon my arrival in St. Louis I spent about an hour and a half sitting at Sarah's house cackling like a mad fool. After lunch at El Maguey, I headed over to West.

Spent a little while standing around trying to think of stuff to do and trying to stay out of the way of the band, who was supposed to be doing the stuff. I hugged a few people. I tried to get my brain around the radical difference I know there is between the way freshmen see seniors and the way seniors see freshmen. I know that when I was a freshmen, the seniors were like gods... but when I was a senior, I didn't feel especially godlike (well, maybe just a little) - but it wasn't like I was ever so high above the freshmen. Sure, they were cute and little, but I was one of them not too long ago (which I remember was an absolutely impossible thought to Freshman!Me. It was a good brain stretching exercise.
After the bell rang, I ended up sitting in the freakishly empty band room (they're redoing some of the walls this summer) with Z, Ms. Bolton, and a freshman named Brian (I think). Talking about nothing really in particular - the impending summer, marching next year, the show, Z moving to Jenison. Being reminded of why I want to be a band director (which is painfully easy to lose sight of when you're drowning in academia.) It was good.
then it was time we had to quit sitting around and go, and as I walked out of the band room, I realized that I would probably never be in Mr. Z's band room again. It was strange. I mean, ever since I knew I was going to West (just three years ago?) it was always West = the band, and the band = the band that Z is in charge of. It's not like he's quitting teaching or anything; but still.

Yeah, so. Then I went to Joy's house and hung out and ate enchiladas, yum. And I went home, soaking all the way in the smell of spring. Honeysuckle and clover and grass... ooh, it was so yummy.

We're going to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a longish week, so probably not many updates will be had till I return.

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You were in my dream!

I am desperately trying to remember why and how, but I can only get little bits. All I have now is that you and Ty were there, both wearing hats (I think yours was a beret) and we were all putting on a show or something like that. Arrrgh. It was a dream you would like, I know that. Havedy fun in de Pittsburgh! -=Mely=-

Re: You were in my dream!


:D I <3 berets. ;)

::hops up and down and will post about pittsburgh later::

Coincidentally, in the weird dream I had last night, I went to see Z again before he left; things were going heinously, there was no air conditioning, and the carpet in the band room was this hideous mottled gold and brown some-shag some-short stuff. (Actually, it was an entirely different school than West.) This, combined with the fact that he was wearing the weirdest plaid shirt I have ever seen (blue and green and yellow) had served to put him in a very bad mood. I was sobbing floods as I left the music wing, because I was being melodramatic and angsty, but I didn't actually feel all that upset (you know, sometimes dreams involve emotional response... I didn't actually feel all crushed and like I should be crying all down the hall; I was just a little annoyed that he was being snappish.)

Okay, just thought I'd share that. ;)