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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
i'm tired.

I realized that the reason i don't write as much as i used to is because my writing tends to be philosophical, and lately i've realized that nothing is as clean-cut philosophically as i wish it was.

Went to see Harry Potter. Rather disappointed. There were a few things I really liked:
1. Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid. 'Shouldn't have told you that...' Quite possibly the only line that was way, way better in the movie than it would have been in the book.
2. Seeing Quidditch live was just pretty awesome. Everything about it - the stadium, the uniforms, and the concaved Quaffle - was great... excepting the way that Harry looked like he was having severe problems staying on his broom even *without* the hex. The way people (players) kept standing up was just insane, I never thought of that. It's probably awful of me to say, but Flint falling into the sandpit below the goals was just cool-looking.
3. The interior of Hogwarts was generally awesome. I especially enjoyed all the things floating in the Great Hall.
4. Madam Hooch. She is *so* cool.
5. Students uniforms. Not at all what I had in mind, but pretty snazzy looking - I wouldn't mind wearing one. :) Doubtless a silly point, but I rejoiced to see that the students' hats didn't have brims.
6. The chess match. It was by far more climactic than the last scene with Quirell. I am going to walk around with my fingers laced like the White Queen for ages. And I totally got a kick out of the way Bishop!Harry walked so exactly across the blue (black) squares.

There were also a few things I really didn't like:
1. Demonic!Harry in the battle scene. Let's just get the fundies more riled up, shall we? They might actually have a point on this one.
2. Voldemort's face. That was so, so, not right at all.
3. Acting completely lacking in emotion.
4. Harry's eyes did not look remotely green. :P Probably a nitpick, I know.

I had whole bunches of other things to say... of course, they're gone now. I'm going to bed.

Harry Potter rocked

I agree w/ things you liked, but I actually enjoyed a lot of stuff you didn't. There should be close to nothing that is better in the movie than the book, so it's okay that just a few things like Hagrid's line and standing on brooms were better. The movie should be the way you pictured things, only more in 3-D, and I think it was perfect. Didn't try to add too much to the book, didn't try to take it away...just filled in the gaps in your imagination. For example, my two friends and I gasped when we saw the common room...it was exactly the way the three of us had envisioned it. The movie also helped resolve conflicting imagery, just as a good one should. I couldn't place Harry's foster family in the setting of normal human beings I've encountered...they just seemed too fictional. But the movie made them every bit as mean yet still seem like your average family. Parfait! Oliver Wood was gorgeous. I'd had trouble imagining Ginny as young and having the potential to act a lot younger than you'd think she would at her age but still seeming her age somehow...and there was the girl I'd come up w/ a description for but no mental picture. Snape looked perfect to be someone who's jealous, ambitious, and strict but still has morals. You could tell just by looking at him. I will post more awesome things about how this movie was, as Goldilocks would say, "just right" later.