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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Okay, I would like to point out (once again) that I really don't know why people say Thunderbolt is so awfully bumpy, blah blah blah. The Thunderbolt... is NOT... a rough coaster. Dude, the Thunderbolt rides like a freaking dream. If you think that's bumpy, I'd like to know what the hell kind of car you drive. (To be fair, people said the same thing about the Boss at 6 Flags, and I didn't notice it being too bad either. On the other hand, that might have been because I was so busy clinging to my safety bar thinking I was going to die. You want rough, ride the Timberwolf. That thing makes me freaking sore. ANyway.)

I would also like to give a WORD to the designers of the #1 steel coaster, the Hulk, somewhere near Orlando, I think. Number one, because the power mechanism is so damn cool I'm literally in tears over it. Instead of chains or magnets, forty-some airplane tires, parallel to the track, each with its own motor and the whole thing with its own generator. *Too freaking awesome.* Number two, and by far the more important, is because these designers *understand* the very important reason why steel coasters are not wood coasters, and vice versa. So they made a steel coaster 300 feet high. Sorry, but whoop de freaking do. Steel coasters aren't about up and down; that's why we've got rides like the Pitt Fall and the Detonator and the [insert name of your preferred car-shoots-up car-plummets-down the-end ride here]. Steel coasters are about the fact that the designer can do anything... ANYTHING... they want. They can turn you upside down and leave you there till your face turns red. They can bank you so sharply that you feel like you're going to fall out sideways - or they can not bank you at all and make you think you're going to fly off the edge of the track, only to be yanked back with a hairpin turn and a bruising lurch. They can twist the track so fast that you're floored into your seat or spin your car till you can no longer tell which way is forward. They can send you through tunnels, through water, through space; make you feel like you're flying, make you feel like you're going to crash.
Now wood coasters, on the other hand, *are* about up and down. At the soul of every good wooden coaster is the question: Just how much fun can we have here? You should get off a steel coaster slightly less able to walk than you were before and going 'Dude, wow, that was some freaking awesome crazy shit. Let's go do it again!' You should get off a wood coaster loving the world and going 'YES!! THAT IS THE FUNNEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE! LET'S GO DO IT AGAIN *RIGHT NOW*!!!' Riding a wood coaster should not be work, it should not be painful, and frankly, I don't think it should make you feel like you're going to yack up your Potato Patch fries. Riding a wood coaster is that happy butterflies-in-your-stomach falling-in-love perfect-day kind of feeling. Your neck should not hurt, and your ears should not be bruised from those damn shoulder harnesses that are, imo, acceptable ONLY on ubersmooth inverted coasters like Batman: The Ride.

oKAY... i *guess* that's enough roller coaster schtick. For *now*. (Just don't get me started on the way they took the Zambezi Zinger out of Worlds of Fun.)

Oh yeah. I saw Ep II today. Would have been much better if no one had said anything the entire time. Well, not really, but that has got to be some of the most godawful scifi dialogue since TNG season 1. >:P

Addendum (Tuesday 10 AM) 'cos I have to back-post, stupid freaking Cleanlink >:P
How Compatible are You with me?

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who are you??? i must know

Re: ??????????

errm... I'm just... me. ^_* ::sorry to not be more helpful::

I would just like to say that I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS. So much so that I think they're even in my interests list. I want to be one of those people that has ridden on every single one in the country.

Now, I will tell you that I've been on The Hulk and it is no fun. My boyfriend and I both got sick from riding it and he loves roller coasters, too. Boo :(


Hrrrmph. That is no good.

Well, it *looks* cool. That is the one with all the airplane tires, isn't it?


Yes, I believe so *nods*


So it's got something going for it, at least... ;)

55% similar, 82% complimentary.

::straps self in and prepares to go UPSIDE-DOWN::
Dude, they took out the Omega-Tron! That's the one which is like two huge paddles with cages on one end and it turns you upside down over and over and sometimes it just HANGS upside-down for what feels like a solid minute!!! I know it's not a coaster, but it was the best, most hardcore ride in that damn park. Argh.

The Zambezi Zinger was reassembled in South Africa or Venezuela or someplace; it's making people happy somewhere in the world, I know that. Woohoo.

If you're ever at Six Flags Over Georgia, ride the NINJA. It's the most compact, hardcore sweet steel rollercoaster ever!! It has thirty jillion loops, including THREE upward-spiraling corkscrews. And it's always doubling back and going what feels like three inches away from other parts of itself. ::loves NINJA::

::stands on head, but it's not the same:: -=Mely=-

Re: 55% similar, 82% complimentary.

Hee. :D

There is also a Ninja at 6F St. Louis. Which is pretty cool. Not that cool, maybe, but pretty cool.

I am glad that the Zinger is still somewhere. Yay :) (Though I can't believe they took it out in favor of the freaking MAMBA. ::hits park directors:: )

I ::mumbles:: simplycannotdoridesliketheOmegatron. They are the only rides I have ever been on that have made me severely ill. :P