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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Awww. Hee hee. Of course. ;)

::reminisces about Dr. Tim's characterization of french horns::

The Band Quiz By Rahel

Current Music: Dare shall be carried, and when we both have had enough, I will take him from my shoe, saying, Meet your new road... --Godspell
But of course!

Only the best! ;)

very random...sorry

Ok...this is completely random, but you posted a message on my page about 5 months ago (lifes a journey). Since last summer, I lost track of that page and just found the link and your post. It was about seeing the Seminole guard at Milwaukee last year so I just thought i would say hi and thanks and you're one of the first people i've met to mention that you have seen us, or even that we're good. our '02 season was pretty good. a couple of setbacks but we learned a lot. well anyway, thanks and good luck...

Now, come on.

Did you actually get that on the quiz or did you just go find the French Horn one and paste it in there? If you actually got it, then wow! And I guess I'm a clarinet. Hmmm. See you later today, right? Right?!?!

Re: Now, come on.

I actually got it. :D

I <3 gradjiation parties! Whoo!

Apologies for not calling today (Monday)... [insert long and harrowing story here]

And, coincidentally, if you find my red gumball in your car, you can have it, and I hope it didn't make a mess. :P