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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
You know you want to!

Memety guessety thing gacked from arthenadent!

Please respond to this post with an anonymous comment that has 3-5 facts about you. I'll then have three chances to guess who you are. If I get it wrong, please add another fact.

Watch this space (with the little thumbtack thing) to get comment notifications in your message box!

Current Music: Mother We Can't Get Enough -- New Radicals
Re: I thought about putting in the clause that these didn't necessarily have to be UNKNOWN facts.

Man, this game is fun!! Maybe not for you. Fact number (5)! Speaking of notes sent, I once sent you a flower with a note attached that said "Release your inner hag!"


Then this must be none other than [info]evadne_"the H is for Hatever"_fenn!

And I'll show YOU an inner hag here any time now!

Re: AHA.

H is for hatever! I'm wounded. But indeed, 'tis I.


So long as you're not slain, I suppose. Which would, incidentally, be a good term to use to describe me on the day this joke was born. I don't think I ate ANY of my lunch.