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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
A very *girly* entry!

I wore the pink lipstick 'cos apparently I didn't *buy* the silver! Silly me.

We (me and Megan) cut my hair this afternoon so it could be made pretty for formal. It didn't turn out quite straight and we didn't want to wreck it trying to fix it, so Megan made it CUTE.

I did not know my hair was capable of such cuteness.

First she straightened it. Then she flipped the ends. Then we stuck little silver stars all through it. When I put on my eyeliner (I've never worn eyeliner) and bright pink lipstick, ... I seriously did not recognize myself. I'm going to have to scan in some pics and put them up somewhere. *Aaaaa* :)

What else I wore to formal... at Everett's... where they have honey butter for their bread and I just ate the best sandwich *ever*, not entirely unlike a philly but called a French Onion Steak sandwich.) I'm really proud of this; I actually accessorized in a semicompetent fashion. :)
With my black dress (said black dress is backless, strapless, ankle length, and *very* tight, slit in back to mid-thigh. There are two deep pink triangles in the back where it folds down - sort of like a collar, but really big, and behind me.)
Silver eyeshadow; hair and other makeup as described.
Crystal cross pendant on a black silk ribbon; pretty long (hangs about 4" below the top of my dress.)
Two octagon-shaped silver bracelets.
Silver ring with a pink crystal inside a star.
Black and silver purse.

I guess that's all. It felt like a lot more than that... probably due to the fact that I *never* wear *any*thing. :-p ;)

Okay ::quits being girly:: .... for the time being, at least. I bought a curling iron so I could make my hair continue to be cute. :) After I wash out all this hairspray, I'm going to spend all night playing with it. Hee hee. :-D

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