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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
It's pretty and warm out and I'm wearing my letters ANYWAY! Ha.

I was just upstairs in T Berry ENJOYING my LAST ed psych class. Being the last one done with the teacher evals, I was supposed to take them over to the secretary to be typed - in my quest for the secretary, I discovered that T Berry is not nearly so many classrooms as I originally thought, and actually has a lot of really nice old offices that smell good, like coffee and paper and thinking.
I *also* discovered the ART ROOM. I never knew we had an art room! I was invited to linger, which I did - this afforded me the opportunity to partake deeply of the beauty and general good atmosphere in the room - there was fun art all around, and pretty things, and drawing tables in clusters with white plastic tablecloths and flowers on the tables and in glasses on the windowsill, and there was a screen with some sample elementary Eric Carle-type art, and the chalkboard said "It's Not Far to Madagascar!" and there was a room... I didn't go into it, but there were so many fun things to do art with in there. And I stayed for a presentation by Nancy/Dr. Spaeder (she from whom I took speech class) about PUPPETS. It made me miss Puppet Show, and I have just now written out the opening music from it on Sibelius, though I can't get the sounds quite right for the playback (I think that might just be this computer.) Coincidentally, I also partook of a smashing lunch... ham and cheese tortilla rollups and apples with caramel dip and Chex mix and cheese with crackers and lots o' chocolate and cranberry juice to drink. Happy times :D

ALSO, I finally remembered what I meant to say yesterday. After an entire semester of religion with Doc R., he at last provided a wee view of what *he* thinks. I don't think there's really any other way to teach a religion course without getting preachy, and I'm glad he taught that way, 'cos otherwise I'd have been annoyed with him. Anyway, yesterday we had a presentation on Jonah, and at the end of class he said something like "I figured out that the real miracle in the story of Jonah is not that Jonah got swallowed or spit up by a big fish, and it doesn't have anything to do with the people of Nineveh. No, the greatest miracle is that God kept coming back to Jonah, again and again and again, and that he keeps coming back to me and to you and to you and to you again and again and again." Yeah, so. I just thought that was cool. :)

Just went to see who was playing the piano... it was not Doc, as I thought, but some random guy I've seen here and there but don't know by name.
Reason Why the Con is Cool #217: Yes, there are a devoted few of us who live here, and many more who pass through regularly - but every now and then you will find someone unexpected in the house, sharing the music, and it is a delight. :)

Speaking of delightful music. Profssa Wallace decided that I needed to sing Caro Mio Ben for my Italian final. So... greeeeat. After meeting yesterday I went and sat in the RH with Mark and we practiced a bit. Then we went to Casey's - we met Ronda and Brandi on the way and they managed to forget that I'd come from the Con in the fifteen minutes it took us. ;-p Then we sat around for a while eating Doritos (Mark bought me Doritos 'cos I was fresh out of funds. thanks, mark!) and playing hockey with bottlecaps. And it was darn good times. :)

This evening I'm going to Osama's with Megnn. YAY! REAL MIDDLE EASTERN FOOD! OH SO EXCITING!!!! :D

And that, friends, is my day. :)

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Current Music: Regina Coeli - Mozart/random piano