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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
"You're not Jewish, you just have a big nose."

The following will be a long and detailed description of a rather brief period of time (about two or three hours) and will probably be expanded regularly as I remember things, just so I can have all the pieces.

Saturday night, Ethan told me to go with Johnny to Anne-Marie's concert 'cos he was tired. We picked up Johnny's mom and Spring, who is a very fun person. We then proceeded to St. Mary's Episcopal, downtown.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

That place is *gorgeous*. They have the most amazing organ I've ever seen up close and in person, and their altar has a lot of women on it (the only male, in fact, was Baby Jesus, who Mary was holding) and it had the inscription 'Benedictus Fructus Ventris Tui'. And off to the side there was the Chapel of the Anunciation and the Chapel of St. George. And there was a gallery all 'round the church with organ pipes. And there was a huge wrought-iron gate thing (I can't remember the official name of it...) that separates the sanctuary from the nave. And it smelled awesome, like an old building steeped in hundreds of years of incense would. It probably sounds like a weird thing to enjoy, but one of my favorite parts of the whole church is the stairway that goes up to the gallery. It's steep and barely as wide as I am; it makes a 180 degree turn right in the middle and off to the side of the turn there's this tall, narrow stained glass window - it doesn't have a picture, I think it was just yellow squares. For some reason, I *really* liked that staircase.

The concert consisted entirely of Renaissance and Baroque Spanish chamber music, and it was splendid. There were little recorders and HUGE recorders and viols and a Spanish cross-strung harp and a harpsichord that was small enough that you could carry it in a bag on your shoulder.

After said concert was the reception. I could not think of a single thing that could have made it better. (I knew we were in for something major when the first thing I saw was not punch, but a carafe of blush wine.) There were crackers and pepperoni and sausage and grapes and cheese and TWO HUGE FILETS of smoked salmon and grapes and melon cubes and brownies and cream puffs and cracker spread and cookie things and I know I've got to be leaving stuff out. *Dude*. **Dude!**

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