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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Waaaaaahh :'( !


Jared's not having his recital on Sunday... because he's been called to active duty.

He's only spozed to be gone two weeks, but nevertheless.... wahh! :((( (Plus my innate distrust of the government...)

Tangentially, yesterday I was standing round on the parish house steps and he and Wendi were there, and I realized how glad I was that he was going to be here a whole year more. I also pondered for the first time (I was surprised I hadn't pondered it before) how amazing this must be to Wendi. I remember her talking last semester about "This guy named Jared, who she'd been hearing about ever since she started here, who was going to finally come back in the spring and she was going to get her butt kicked because he is the Supreme High Euph and generally worthy of everyone's awe and admiration." The fact that he then turned out to not be incredibly stuck up but actually very down-to earth, an unbelievably nice person, and coincidentally the first guy (so far as I can tell) to ever take any sort of interest in her that was not questionably motivated...
No wonder she's been happy all the time lately. :) I can only hope that I will ever be that blessed.

A very extreme tangent: On the way back from the Bobber just now, it was drawn to my attention that the courthouse looks like a KKK hood - and it DOES. It's got a pointy white spire and double windows on each side of the top that look like eyes...
Howard County was the site of the last lynching in Missouri. There was also a race riot on the square in like 1997.
Interesting. But mostly, EEK.

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