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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Crazy dreams that I only have when I nap, never at night :P

I just dreamed that I took the train somewhere and I went through Kentucky to get there and there was someone's room and I thought it was Ivy's because it was her whiteboard note that had spilled onto the wall but maybe it was some old lady's and I had to take a shower at the theatre and they were putting up four-wall folding flats with doors really, really fast and then they were moving benches or something? with hooks on this conveyor belt and i was sitting on a bench with two kids, a quiet girl and then one who was really talkative. That one got off when they had to move our bench around weird and this other kid got on to the bench and was half sitting on me. I think his name was Daniel and he was maybe ten and he was a really nice kid and I was glad that I would be driving him to rehearsal because he was cool and he said he was in SEEK but he was also from the SME area but the first thing he said when we found out that the quiet girl's name was Moira (but it was pronounced like something entirely different, or maybe in the language we were speaking I can actually pronounce Moira easily?) and that I was from the Highlands area was "You've got to decide who you're going to talk to right now, him or me." I am not sure whether this was addressed to me or Moira, but either way it's weird seeing as we're both girls... and I thought Bah, already that JoCo snobbery, and from a little kid too. I just forgot something that happened earlier; I only remember that it involved this area of town that was kind of industrial but very colorful and fun-looking. Before I was staying with the lady who may or may not have lived in Ivy's room we were all at this house with weird stairs and I remember thinking that I dreamed about a house with weird stairs once and here was a *real* house with weird stairs... only these ones weren't quite so weird; they curved down from a crescentish balcony around one wall of the living room, which was oval-shaped. There was lots of dark wood and the carpet oon the stairs was orangey-yellow. It looked dated, but very comfy.
The thread that connected this whole dream together was that very early in the dream I discovered this elaborate tattoo on my lower chest and stomach; it was a very mystical sounding monologue, all in calligraphy; it was gorgeous and I had no idea how it had gotten there unless it had to do with the one time I went stomping off in a huff and ended up taking the train. I liked it a lot and I was glad I actually had it in real life. Some time in here I became capable of sucking in my abs to the point of having a six-pack (handy for if I was going to be going around showing off said tattoo). Then I spent a lot of time either wandering around naked showing people my inexplicable tattoo, wandering around naked looking for my clothes, wandering around naked because said clothes had mysteriously vanished, or wandering around naked because I was looking for or was trying to take or had taken a shower. I finally found my clothes and got my shower and realized that it wasn't a tattoo after all but the imprint that my shirt had left when I wore it inside out and that was why all the letters were backwards except one line. Then the thing happened with the setting up flats and the benches - someone was trying to change in the percussion room where I'd left my stuff, but I thought I was wearing *some*thing by the time I was sitting on the bench. Only one person expressed any discomfort with me going about without clothes; nobody else really paid much attention and I didn't seem to care all that much.

No, I don't actually have a tattoo even though the imprint didn't really wash off all that much in the dream. Dammit.

Earlier I had a dream about a radio tower that was divided into levels and each level was divided into four or five narrow slices that were then each divided in half down the middle. It was a gorgeous night but it wasn't a gorgeous that you only saw; it also felt gorgeous. There was really green grass all around the tower and there was some excellent choral music going on, but then I had one of those falling-asleep jolts when you realize you're falling asleep and it makes you not be really asleep anymore.

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Current Music: No Such Thing - John Mayer (yes, again)