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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
afternoon in review

Good lesson = good. Had hell of skills because had no time to think about how much I couldn't play the part. :p

In band, we sightread Skyscape and I really liked it but I don't know if we'll play it. We are also playing this piece called Pilatus which is something about a dragon and Lucerne. I'm pretty sure the guy made the story up (or at least did a crap job of telling it) and frankly, the music is not that exciting. BUT there are only 2 horn parts SO I get to play a chimes part that is hell of fun AND the hi-hat (also hell of fun) AND the tam tam (only once, oh well)! FRICKIN' SWEET. In summary, band = good.

Dinner didn't suck = good

Jazz band was kind of for crap, but I got the fershluganah solo from I Snore You Drive sorted at least a bit, and Ruess thought we had a good rehearsal. = Good.

Returned to room. Hiltys want me to housesit. 10 days with real house = Good to the MAX.

Was as a result of apparent wifi in library (printing = slow) 20 minutes late to MY OWN SONG REHEARSAL. = Bad. Me = bad songleader. However, people were nice about it. = Good.

Meeting = good.

Practiced organ; went well and the loft smelled of the 3 lilies still down on the chancel. = Good.

The balance: Today = good.

Shall presently go to sleep in a timely fashion, hopefully to get rid of this periodic dead sluggishness that is interrupting my jollity, as well as the daylong headache. = Good.