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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
nethackesque musings

I seem to have eaten something that gives me intrinsic inadvertent funniness 1 out of every 10 random remarks.

I rather suspect I got it out of Algernon's bones pile. :p




I periodically play this game called NetHack. In it, you run around and kill monsters & collect gold (and other useful items.) Sometimes eating things gives you 'intrinsics' - for example, eating a floating eyeball corpse gives you telepathy (you can see all the monsters on a level when you are blinded or blindfolded.)

A bones pile happens when you do pretty well with one character before you get killed off. All your stuff is carried around by a ghost (named after said character) and if you kill the ghost, you get a whole mess of stuff.

Algernon is from Oscar Wilde, who is funny.

I think that covers the esoteric references.

Re: erm

That's it, I'm bringing flowers.

Re: erm

Woohoo! ::wins::

Re: erm

i know who he is... i was in that play in high school... i was really just being a pain.
glad you got to hang out with us last night--- good times ;)

Re: erm

Well, i'm glad you were a pain, 'cos now the vac is bringing flowers. w00t!

Am likewise glad about the hanging out. I would say we should do that more often, but I rather suspect that you DO do it more often, and I lock myself in my room. :p ...