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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Managed to spend nigh on two hours on the details & origins of RPGs on the way back to school. Probably a good four levels in History: D&D. Seriously, I do not remember when I last had that long a contiguous conversation on one topic (significant or otherwise). w00t.

::designs Yet Another Shirt::

Now should go practice piano. Am perhaps a bit silly to be starting this at M:15, but oh well.

Current Mood: cynicalnone too brilliant

Shirt designs? Does this mean you're selling shirts? Mmm, clothing!

I so miss silk-screening stuff. And... I think you answered the above question once before. If you have, I'll find it come morning when I'm not to exhausted to think.


The design in mind is ripped off of the shirts that say have an 8-bit Nintendo controller subtitled "Roots" - ours will have a picture of a Kilroy-style H. G. Wells peering at some tin soldiers and wooden-peg cannon.

The odds of me personally doing the silk-screening are slim (we were planning on leaving that up to our friendly* neighborhood** Graffiti***.)

*Friendly: Not very friendly
**Neighborhood: 30 or 45 minutes away
***Graffiti: sells really cheap shirts (like $7.25 for a regular t, but you can get whatever kind of shirt you want with the same design on it.)

We talked about painting fabric with Rit dye (I was going to make some circle skirts, and indeed still may.)