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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I had some intense dream last night. We (by 'we' I mean myself, some of the crew, and I think some people from Hogwarts) had to do something involving this evil guy* but we had to do it without ANyone knowing what we were up to - I don't remember whether they would have been mad or what. It was like uber low-tech spywork.

And we had three things going for us - we had my glasses, which could be taken apart into halves, and the lenses were football-shaped (three-dimensional) and had some awesome powers I can't remember. And we had this sphere of purple chalk that had many other awesome powers, including enabling one to inflict severe pain on someone else. And we had a fuschia piece of paper - I don't remember what it was, but the evil guy had to sign it and I think it was kind of like a hall pass.

I had to copy something onto the hall pass and someone had written on the copy machine. That was a bloody hassle.

Right before something major I was at a science center (it looked kind of like the old old one), and to avoid the main bad guy I had to duck through this little side room that you could only see by the change in light (the door into it was in a wall that was black and dark but for little sparkly lights here and there, and the entire reason the room existed was to see if you noticed it.) I remember there was a microphone hanging in the middle (upside down).

Near the end I was walking somewhere, and I saw Will in the street and he greeted me cordially. Which I took as a good sign that he didn't know what we'd been up to. Then I wandered into Megnn's apartment, or wherever the heck she was standing at the time (it looked like it had been bombed out recently) and he was there already, and I was like "Weren't you just in the street?" And he said something (that now that I am awake was rather creepy) about having mystical ways to return instantaneously to a Megnn in distress. And then I was worried that they were on to me, but I think it was okay.

And then when it was really done I was with some people who it was safe to talk about it with (I think they may have been peripherally involved - but I still didn't want to discuss the project at great length with them) and the fuschia paper was found in a box of Christmas ornaments, so I went to get the rope I'd hidden out of the big wad of tarp where I'd hidden it (hard to explain - the only things I remember about said wad were that it was brown, probably 25 feet tall, and had a pocket where five or six people who were in my House/grade had lived.) The paper was hidden beneath the only ornaments that were decorated - they were pearly white and had glittery designs - and as I was on my way out I heard a crash, and one of them had broken and the rest had all dumped out - so I went back to put them back quickly before anyone could ask about the paper.

And everything went off perfectly. You know those dreams where you wake up just as it's getting interesting? I didn't. At the end, we'd done what we were supposed to do and I still had my glasses and the chalk and I had just found the fuschia piece of paper (important because I might need it, and also so nobody could ever find it.)

And then I realized I had no idea what we had been trying to do. It was all very seat-of-the-pants - at any given moment I was more worried about knowing where all our stuff was than about the main objective - I knew what the goal was, but I focused on the steps that were being taken to achieve it.

I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff, of course. It's just off the edges of the radar screen. Kind of a bummer, as I think that it would have made a really good book. Or perhaps a really good campaign setting. Stealth rolls all 'round, kiddos.