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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Grandma sent me a Christmas sweater! (In February). I have no idea what color it is (green? brown? black? gray?) and it is fabulously long in both bottom and arms and is chenilley and I am almost 100% positive that it came from the men's section. So I am now up to THREE "shut up, I'm a college student" sweaters! W00T!

Embroidered (well, beaded) the smaller star on the curtain this evening. Took about an hour and does not look very great, but I like it. I suppose if it bothers me too terribly I can go back and hold the threads in place with little cross-threads. But I think I will leave it as its spunky chunky self, only with hoping that the next one is a bit smoother. :p

I should sleep now.

Current Mood: besweatered
Current Music: something loud and alt-y in my head

"shut up, I'm a college student" sweaters?

Strange, when I was in college, people would just look at me a carefully move away unless I happened to be in cystomer service mode. Is that the intended goal?

*consideres qualities of fellow college students*

*looks worried*

Are you sure this is a good thing? Then again, you seem a more well strung human than most of the people at the sausage of a school I went to, so I'm thinking perhaps college student doesn't carry the same level of irksome with you that it might with me.

Re: ...?

In the boho/earthy/indie ville of Columbia, I think "college student" mostly means "I have an excuse to wear sweaters that are oddly shaped, completely unfashionable, probably unbecoming, and extremely comfortable, preferably with oxford shirttails hanging out from under them, jeans, and some odd footwear."

And, as always, "shut up" means "don't talk to me". ;)

Re: ...?

Always beware of looking like a child molester.

Re: ...?

::bites tongue pointedly at Hoodie-and-Trench-Coat Man::

Anyway, I don't wear Velcro shoes.

Re: ...?

Oh, cool. That probably explains my even dozen sweaters then. Alas, what I usually get is, "Ow, where'd you get that sweater?" Or similar, thus giving me an excuse to explain at length about some mythical sweater delivering creature - like a stork, but with knitting machine eyes, and alpacas graze on it.


Sorry 'bout awkward phone conversation...our phone talks are always like that, in retrospect.

I don't know if it is cute when it is worn. Perhaps it makes the wearer cute either by comparison or by sympathy, because when folded I think it may very well be among the ugliest clothes I have seen in some time.

But I don't look at it very much when I wear it so that's just as well.

Phone: So they are. Herm. Any rate, no worries.

Unless of course you were referring to the curtain, which is extremely cute.