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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

It's about the time of the evening when I start to contemplate that perhaps eating Tums like candy is not the healthiest thing ever. Not because Tums are bad for me, but perhaps I should not need to eat them like candy.

Tour leaves in 29 hours. The noise you hear is me freaking out and being sure I'm forgetting eleventyseven things I needed to do.


Well, yes, hi. You don't know me, but good luck on your tour..thing. xD

I did this random search thing on lj, and you like Julian Delphiki.. so, your journal is worth commenting on. xD

Yay! Random comments!


ZABAGABAH! because I am about to go on band tour, and I play horn too, and I've been to Murray too (we did a DCI show there once). AND you love Oscar Wilde as much as we do (nary a day passes when we do not quote Importance of Being Earnest, 'cos we put it on in December.)

ZABAZAGABAZAGABAH! (Sorry, I'm a little loopier than usual this morning - the stress + the yoghurt I just ate have obviously gone to my head.) ::geeks out:: What Random Search was this? Was it truly random? Could there possibly be more people like us lurking in the ether?

Oh - and Julian Delphiki is lurrrve. <3 <3 <3

I did a random lj interest show on Julian Delphiki, and I WENT AND SAW THE DCI SHOW AT MURRAY THIS SUMMER!!!! and ...... I love you. XDDDD

D'you have AIM? o.o;


Oscar Wilde is the /seeeeeex/.

doesn't the aftertaste bug you? I mean I do that with certs, yeah, but ...

G*d I ask dumb questions.

You had so better not be touring in striking distance of here. You know how I love bands! Safe travels, at any rate. That probably would have been a better comment ;)

belation, as per usual

'Per usual' turns very easily into 'perusal', you know.

Anyway, no, tour only barely left Missouri (and that was only to (1) take the easier route back to 55 South and (2) to go to Arkansas so we could have a tri-state tour.) ;) I would certainly have told/hassled you if we'd be in the area (though I have something of a suspicion that you might have been a bit underwhelmed...)