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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]


Personally, I think any woman who expects someone else to pay for her own food - regardless of who it is or what their respective financial situations are - should be ashamed to show her face in public. I suppose if the guy is willing (i. e. wants) to pay, then there's not much to be said (I would never suggest that anyone turn down free food) but I'm pretty sure that one would have to have a higher opinion of one's self and one's contribution to the relationship than I suspect I would to let a potential mate carry on in that vein indefinitely - willingness notwithstanding. It's too much like being bought; beyond that, it smacks of gender inequality, and that anyone would EXPECT to be treated as an inferior dependent in any but the most extenuating circumstances is utterly revolting.

In other news: More ramen coleslaw for lunch, w00t and meatless too. And history!Christina's going to lend me her music stand, because she is t3h awesomost.

Bentyler stole my spoon. I chased him to the Wood and was going to wait in ambush, but decided I'd rather take a nap (and then go to the OSD and Chez Kay.)

And I made a gravity guy in PhySci today. 'Cos he's the sun!

Oh, the hmph was a link.

*reads it*

*is stunned*

It's official, these people are resoundingly stupid, both him and anyone who thinks having stuff purchased for 'em is the avenue to affection, shagging, and so on. FFS, people... wow.

The logical blunders, the amazing misconceptions about humanity throughout that article just blow me away. Feed me, I'll stay in a cave and raise the kids and... Hell no. Instead, how about anyone who tells me that's the plan gets a swift inside crescent kick? Bet I can hook the toe of my stomp boot just behind the curve of their jaw...

Always did want the jawbone of an ass to whup someone with.

Controlled by impulses? OK, let's see here. If impulse is to rule dating, I'm surprised there's not more rape, murder, abuse... Oh, wait. (Checks some statitics) Bugger. Apparently we've not advanced all that much since we came down from the trees.

"It makes me feel like he's the man and I'm the woman."

*boggle* WTF? Love, if you're not sure you're female, 20 seconds with Gray's anatomy and a mirror should sort you right out. I'll be over here with the people who have enough self respect to not rely upon cash valuation of their person.

Seriously: people can treat each other as though they had value beyond payment. Stupid sodding article. Grar.

"Oh, look, the vac's foaming. How... quaint."

Re: Oh, the hmph was a link.

Always did want the jawbone of an ass to whup someone with.

::laughs aloud::

The spiteful bint in me really hopes that someday one of those starving actors hooks up with her, sucks her dry, and splits. Mercenary relationship at its finest. You get what you ask for.