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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]


Personally, I think any woman who expects someone else to pay for her own food - regardless of who it is or what their respective financial situations are - should be ashamed to show her face in public. I suppose if the guy is willing (i. e. wants) to pay, then there's not much to be said (I would never suggest that anyone turn down free food) but I'm pretty sure that one would have to have a higher opinion of one's self and one's contribution to the relationship than I suspect I would to let a potential mate carry on in that vein indefinitely - willingness notwithstanding. It's too much like being bought; beyond that, it smacks of gender inequality, and that anyone would EXPECT to be treated as an inferior dependent in any but the most extenuating circumstances is utterly revolting.

In other news: More ramen coleslaw for lunch, w00t and meatless too. And history!Christina's going to lend me her music stand, because she is t3h awesomost.

Bentyler stole my spoon. I chased him to the Wood and was going to wait in ambush, but decided I'd rather take a nap (and then go to the OSD and Chez Kay.)

And I made a gravity guy in PhySci today. 'Cos he's the sun!


I swear, Ramen is the national food. This is the second LJ entry I've read today that mentioned the awesomeness of Ramen. And I've been living on it for a couple weeks, haha. Oriental flavor = teh best.

I agree on the women paying/not paying thing. However, in my situation the way we often work things is that (since the two of us often have money at opposing intervals of time) he'll pay for both our dinners, or the movies at Blockbuster or whatever, and the next time I'll pay for it all. I like it that way. It has the quaintness of 50's style dating etiquette, with the gender equality of the 21st century. That, and I love treating people to something. It feels good.

Shared paying...

Yep. Likes it. Not being able to pay for anyone ever or not being treated ever - both would be most amazingly frustrating. Then again, I'm much happier sharing cooking time with someone and going out into the woods snowshoeing, so I'm cheap. Etiquette... never did figure that out.

"Argh, no, I'm not trying to be impolite. I'm bloody famished! Let's eat and sort all this out later."

It really does break about even, and my friends put up with my madness in the food department, which is cool - nowhere around here serves the food I love best: Proper curries, thai chicken dishes, habenero pasta bombs with blue cheese, mmm!

Ah crap. Now I'm all hungry again.

Re: Shared paying...

Oh, that too.

For the most part I'd just as soon ALWAYS stay home and cook for people. I find evenings sitting around a coffeemaker in the lobby to be quite as fun as sitting around some other establishment (though those are nice if only for the sake of mixing things up once in a while.) Unfortunately, we are pretty low on both kitchens and time at this point in our lives. :p

Hee hee. The usage in question was actually dry and still-chunky noodles (broken into smaller bits) atop an amazing sweet/sour dressing on grated cabbage and carrots, with a hearty helping of sunflower seeds. Oh. So. Good.

I'm cool with varieties of financial sharing that aren't All Dutch All The Time. I mean, I have on many occasions paid for others' food (and accepted the same charity in return) - I think it's the mark of a fairly strong relationship to be able to do so without turning it into a quarrel. What it comes down to in our posse is that we want EVERYONE to come hang out and eat with us, and are willing to finance their doing so - whether it's by each of us chipping in an extra 30 cents on pizza to cover someone, or by whoever just got paid picking up someone's tab (and of course the everoccurring "Um, does anyone have a dollar?") It's just so much better when it works both ways. I'm not a big fan of polarization among people who like each other.