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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I made a curtain. It's silver with black hemstitching and is freakin' sweet.

Am now going to embroider beads all over it and it's going to be so freakin' sweet everyone in the world will line up to see it.

Well, maybe not quite. But it's still pretty darn sweet.

After enchiladas and aerobic Curses and making my room actually have enough floor space to walk on - all told, I think the weekend can be called a success.

I do have some things to do tonight. But they are not hard. WEEHOO!


Curtain. Cool.
I dedicated my performance to you today, but only the part that didn't suck. The Fauré was massively sub-par. But the Vaughan Williams sounded pretty smart.

And again you make with the rocking my face off.



That's a good idea. Curtains. Must make curtains.

Uh... what's hemstitching? Every time I use a needle, it gets stuck in me somewhere, so I usually avoid 'em. Can hemstitching be done with rivets or duct tape?


Oh, wait. If hemstitching is when you stitch a hem in the fold at the bottom of the curtain... Oh boy. I hope it's not that immediately obvious. If it is, I've just revealed my utter lack of cleverness on the evening. Crap.

Re: ...

Well, yes, that is what I meant. So one could make a hem with duct tape, but then I suppose it would be hemtaping rather than hemstitching. Same with hemriveting.

fwiw, I *did* just make the word up on the spot. :p Your confusion is not unfounded.