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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Some random late-night ravings.

I really like this scent of AnnaMarie's. She sprayed some on me and it's still lingering in my nose a bit. I liked it marginally better before I realized that I think I like it because it smells like guys (like cologne, not BO.)

Had the SAI "sleepover". Obviously not really a sleepover since I am now in my own little room. Eh. Whatever.

We went to Brookfield and had an awesome time playing volleyball tonight (well, I had an awesome time.)

I get to be an urn tomorrow. Apparently this urn thing really *is* because we're all dead, which is a thought I had toyed with before.

Thera's house is gorgeous. I am crushed that they are leaving it and I will not be able to go there anymore.

Guard got 4th overall in prelims today but 10th in finals. Oh well. It seems their work was messy, because they were 5th in finals in GE. The good news is - messy work is fixable; GE is terminal (witness last year...)
For some reason, the percussion scores don't seem to be anywhere. >:(

I was told that Michiko enjoyed my note on her door (I wrote 'Michiko-san-wa totemo kakkoii desu' or, in English, 'Michiko is way cool.') And I was told I didn't misspell anything, about which I was rather concerned. I fear my Japanese is getting rusty. For example, I can't remember any counters other than 'pun'. Or any directions. Or any of the last colors we learned, like yellow and brown.

But of course I always remember: It's all about the furaido chikin and the furui orenji juusu...

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