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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
hilarity ensues

ok - here's a good story for you:

i had some little bits of paper so i smoshed them up into little balls then i gave them to your sister and told her they were for March 17th. she just looked at them and said uh hu yah what are they? so i told her sham rocks. your sister rolled her eyes and threw them at me. i told her that if she didn't appreciate having some sham rocks i'd give them to her dad. so, i took them downstairs and gave them to Barry and told him they were for March 17th and he looked at them and said what are they? so i told him sham rocks. then he rolled his eyes and threw them at me. then later in the evening i was talking to your aunt rachel and i told her the story about the sham rocks and how people kept throwing them at me and that now i had been sham stoned by two members of my own family. She said " Haven't they ever heard "let he who is without sham cast the first rock?"

love you bunches <3



priceless :-D ::steals idea for what purpose she knows not::

For nefarious schemes, of course.

::plots renewedly::

hey, when did one ever stop plotting anyway ... and who could resist a story involving the Irish and balls!

:-[ I think I need sleep ...


I'm never washing my hair again.

Re: migod.

Of course, being a hearding nation of sorts, stoning can lead to ram shocks.

*la la la... la... ow*

Prolly explains why people in Maine keep mumbling about Hemi engines too.

And one I didn't come up with just by mental cramps...

There's the story of the old king who collected thrones for years. Living in Africa, he kept adding additions to his palace, but because all about him lay verdant plains, his palace was composed entirely of woven greenery from the plains. This was all well and good until his family got frustrated with cleaning and demand he build up instead of laterally. Even that was OK until he found one tremendous seat initially owned by the king Umbarqua, a 1700 pound masterpiece in obsidian and bassalt.

Being a pround man, he placed his latest acquisition in his best display area. Alas, this was directly above his bedroom and the masterpiece crushed him in the night when it came through.

Two morals: First, pride cometh before the fall. Second: Don't stow thrones in a grass house.


Must watch muppet show.

Re: migod.

When in doubt, watch Muppets.


Boycott shampoo!

Demand the REAL poo!

Re: Boycott shampoo!

Only zee real sing for my vigs!

-muppet show

These are both brilliant.

Thus, my mother.

In the event that we ever do go to Pittsburgh, you will get to meet the rest of them...