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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Gaim 1.1.3 is giving me t3h crap. Brarrr. Will probably reinstall 1.1.2 sooner or later...

Found camera - remembered on my way up from theatre that I'd left it in Prof. Jones's office (and she was delighted to see me. bless her heart.) Can't, of course, get the dingdang picture stick to function in a school HD. So am shortly going over to library to attempt to find help (HAHAHAHAHA) and convince them to take my $15 for Cassie's card.

So about that double major. Totally not going to happen. SOD ALL. It is the touchstone of all the people I am mad at right now.

Never being sure if you actually think or believe what you think you're thinking or believing is, I think, a shortcut to the loony bin.

Actually sounds rather nice about now.

Y'all could...

...come and volunteer at a food bank I do work for. They believe multiply conflicting things at the same go - and worse, get flustered when they can't reconcile their own internal differences.

It's the sort of place where one sentance can cause a war, and when the war's done everyone will shake hands and say, "Go with God."

Religion doesn't disallow rational thought! It doesn't! Alas, in this case the clever people are following a cult of personality, not an ethical set.

So... what happened with the double major?

Re: Y'all could...

Crap ensued, detailed in next post down, which is not really fair to you since you asked first... sorry.

I really think I'm going to quit school here, move to Pittsburgh, and work at Prantl's while studying composition at Carnegie-Mellon. It'll be great, even though right now I have no desire to go to any more school ever again. I freakin' hate having crap courses.

oh, no, what's the man done now?

Never being sure if you actually think or believe what you think you're thinking or believing is, I think, a shortcut to the loony bin.
Maybe the essential dilemma of my life, dear lucy.

How'd they screw up your majors?

Re: oh, no, what's the man done now?

Have almost all but not all of the core courses for both a BME and a BA. But I can't finish both the BA core and the BME-specific requirements (well, I can, but I'd have to get them to let me take like 23 hours next fall.)

And if they decide not to accept my APs, I'm super duper screwed and will probably never graduate with anything. :p

Was about to install 1.1.3, but I guess I'll hold off until the next rls... so what was the problem with it?

Verbosity ensues

No idea whether the problem was actually with it or with my computer (still haven't gotten 'round to putting 1.1.2 back on) - but every attempted load gets "Gaim has caused an error in gaim.dll and will now close."

There's something in the Windows section of the Gaim site that blames GTK 2.6.2 for crashing Win98/ME, but I was having problems before that (something rendered the toolbar useless whenever the computer went into standby.) I suppose it could have been GTK 2.6.2 - I didn't get load failure until I installed 1.1.3 and 2.6.2 with it, and the same failure continued when I installed 1.1.2 still with 2.6.2 - but the hanging toolbar indicates some other problem previously extant.

Moral of the story: I should go home, back up files to the E: drive, and get to steppin' on t3h Linux.