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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Had a dream in which me, Thera, and two other people who may or may not have been Mr. and the Lady Wainwright went traveling. We were in England (in fact I think we British) and there were these narrow doors that only we could see that led from one part of England to another. Our penultimate stop was somewhere rather seedy and the last one was in Belgium, which was a third-world country (in my dream). I knew everything was going to work out & we would get home eventually, even though there was only ever one door out of a place and we had to stomp around to find it (the door we came from disappeared as soon as we went through), because it had been a movie I'd seen.

Really wish could remember with impunity who the other two were. But indeed the only reason I am even certain that Thera was there was because on one of the last stops the door out was right next to the door in, and she left her Distinctive Shoulderbag (tm) there (the same one she really has) so we could find it after we'd explored a bit (because until the last few, which were scary and we were tired, they really were quite fun.)

Then we went to this store where I had something on hold. I think it was another branch of a store I'd dreamed about being in a big closed mall before. I was supposed to get it from service but I went to the cashier instead, and she heckled me kindly. She said it was a green boucle sweater and that sounded familiar, but the guy (who also heckled me kindly) brought this denim jacket with 31857917 zippers that he then proceeded to wear out of the store. But whatever it was, it was marked down to $3 from $300.

There was more of it that I can't remember. Ruth is playing chimes. I should probably put on clothes...

I wish I could remember dreams better. I have some awesome dreams.