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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Have happy car back. Yay :)

so i said to my self

self, what's the deal with sunday...?

shall we bring along some dinnerish food to "picnic"
in the dorm lobby?

would you have time for that type of chicanery?

we will not be able to stay TOO long extra as your dad
will probably need to pack after we get back and he
has to be up in time to be at the airport by 4:00am or
some stupid time as he has meetings for order of
elders in georgia on M,T,W.

we also probably won't be there too much before
concert as there will also be the preaching thing
going on sun a.m. plus then a stop home to load up the
dog and ETC
(yea for ETC) before heading your way.

if you have any food longings or on the other hand
anything that would make you gag to have show up
please to let me know by saturday (not though in the
park and especially not if you think it is the 4th of

loving you muchly

looking forward to seeing you soon.


In other news,
I think it is a beautiful day
to play a runthrough for band
and take a trip
and be mellow in the sun
and love people. :)


gahahhaha just hearing you say "quoth" so makes me think of that disastrous first attempt at OM we had.


OMDG yes.

Dude, that'll be like nine years ago next month.

We are so old.

Haha, maybe you'll want to kill me for saying this, but if you hadn't said that that was a note from your mother, I would have believed it was your writing. :) You use some of the same types of expressions and vocabulary. She sounds like a neat woman. I like cool parents. Especially mine. I must be weird or something.

;) no, I <3 my folks a lot (almost all the time), & my friends have historically seemed to like them too.

I had actually meant to say something to the effect that I at least come by my weirdness honest. :D