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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Thoren (?) just rang some kind of bell in the hallway for no apparent reason.

Am having a lousy time thinking of why I needed to get up this morning. Am considering going and taking a shower, because that usually helps me think of things.

To do today for sure:

1. Figure out what has happened to all my socks.
2. Get car back! YAY for Home Oil.
2a. Consider actually gettng around to writing that Incoming Freshmen Info Packet that I have been meaning to do for a gagillion years - if for no other reason than to plug Home Oil (and probably Coffee Zone.)
3. Get stuff ready for Inscape
4. Get stuff ready to send to camp
5. Go to choir (2)
6. Set up for & go to band (3 & 4)
7. Tidy room
8. Locate schol. app
9. Finish degree plan (and by 'finish' I mean 'do') ::wonders when midterms are exactly anyway::
10. Consult calendar for further information.

That is one fearsome list. But I think I will shower anyway. I still feel like it's missing something. Though I *had* been forgetting the degree plans.

Nothing came to me. Herm.

Right. Off to get deg. plans to fill out. For great justice.


Are you going back to the Colts (number 4)? Best of luck with the list, luce.

No, I am referring to camp camp. Which precludes the Colts, and I'm too old now anyway :p

...also, where can i find IP addresses for people who've looked at my journal?

Er, crap if I know.

You can log IP's of comments (it's somewhere under "Manage"), but if there's a way to log all of them I've no idea what it is.