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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

If hangovers were contagious, I would dare say that I'd caught one. I feel lousy.

Anyone know of a searchable index of tunes by solfegge?


Maybe I caught one from you, who caught it from someone else. That would explain why I was so dead today I felt ill. :)

Not so good.

I couldn't have caught Will's. He still has it. :P


No idea. If what you've got can be cured with eggs, possibly? I dunno.

Solfege? Dunno about searchable index, but the software I'd point you at for training on the computer would be from http://www.solfege.org/ - it's free, which has some advantages. Finalle, the scoring software, has some decent ear training material both for rhythm and interval too, but that's 'spensive.

By tunes... er, do you in fact mean sequence of note stuff used for ear training, or is there a band or class of music called Slofege?

Re: Contagion.

::searches for eggs::

What I am looking for: There are some indices that categorize hymns according to their solfege tones (for example, Sine Nomine [For All The Saints, another song not legal for Lent] would be "SMRDSLDRSM" - sol mi re do sol la do re sol mi. And the bits of tunes are listed in note order, do through ti.

We have some in our library, but they're nigh on ancient. And do not have the tune I am looking for.



i HATE when people forget to close parentheses. quintuply so when it's me who does it.

Re: ::twitch::

You INTPs and your little paranthetical quirks. :)

Re: ::twitch::

our (quirks)?


Re: Contagion.

Oh, bugger. No idea. I'll dig.

Re: Contagion.

As shall I.

more contagion

Well, luce, I both 1) feel lousy today (allergies, I think) and 2) have caught your obsession with Ender's Game. I keep staying up waaay past my bedtime reading and thinking about how clever it is. Am pleased to think there are many more books in the series.

This comment, I realize, does no justice to your wonderful musings as of late.

Re: more contagion

Hope you feel better soon - and w00t to OSC.

That anyone should even refer to my musings as wonderful is, I think, justice enough. :)