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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
From the "realizing things we already knew" department...

Have, as promised, done more thinking about this.

The Greeks talked about eros (the love of lovers and the hormonal), philos (the love of friends and brothers), and agape (the love of the divine - the "love that devours"). (And I'm sorry I can't find a good web reference to expound upon these for you.) It doesn't really clear up the confusion about when it is or is not okay to say "I love you", but it at least gives some sort of explanation for its existance.

I think this distinction, unavailable to us in English, ties back to something I believed a long time ago: that if you love someone, you have always loved them and always will love them.

Agape is the thing that gives reality to the phrase "God is love". It is transformative and essential and life. Of course, a human is not God. We are falliable, and thus our unconditionality, our ability to experience and act in agape, is subject to our very nature.

Even so - a paltry agape is like a paltry atom bomb. Only without the radiation poisoning.

Possibly more to come. Who knows.


okay, so i searched high, low and through every xanga known to man... what did you say? and to whom? i'm so confused.

It was deleted. Probably for the best. Though I still wish I could figure out a way to say it that would make it be not better off deleted. Y'know.