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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
The most misundersood words in the English language

I cannot begin to fathom how much it would suck to not love anyone but the person you wanted to marry (to think that if you loved someone you SHOULD get married) - to date anyone you didn't love. Or even to *think* that you didn't really love anyone but That One Person. Why the crap would anyone do that?

Why would you not be happy to love everyone you can?

I am probably not explaining myself very well. The punchline is - why are people so afraid to say "I love you"? And this really is a pondering in a vaccuum - or at least in a space unrelated to myself. I don't think "I love you" should come with strings attatched. It's really not fair to either party.

...Apparently, a CMU staff member will soon return with all the courteous assistance I deserve. Interesting.

In other news, have just been trying to find Hollister because I wanted to know where St. James Street is. And it is down past Branson. And I want it to be warm. And I want to go to camp. Mwee. :)

In other other news, pledge week is over. For great rejoicing!


Some of our oldest family friends live in Hollister.

Love is such a hard word to get.

::tries again::


- How about: "It must suck to not love, or to think you don't love, anyone but your [future] spouse and immediate family"?

It *is* a hard word to pin down, I suppose. Sooner or later I realize when it's there - but it really isn't describable.

I will ponder this.

Re: ::tries again::

I told Peter I love him...

Out of curiosity, what brought this up?

Re: ::tries again::

Yeah, I was there ;)

Was just reading something in which someone wailed at great length about how they just didn't know if they were ready to tell their SO that they loved said SO or whether said SO was ready to hear it... I was like "For crap's sake, do you love them? Why the hell is this so difficult?"

I don't get it.