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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

today has been ... too much.

three skirts almost done. ver's needs lengthened. may also take it apart and make it a bit narrower - it is super pouffy. forgot that it was (a) going on a smaller person and (b) hasn't been washed yet...

this day is packed full of people and things that claim me. i am tired of all of them. this day stifles me with air that thousands have already breathed...

i would very much like to go out to the woods by myself. perhaps watch the stars spin a while.

but it is raining icy rain, and there is nowhere to go.

band was good. we played our faces off. we played like we actually cared. and we talked, all together.

i wish band could be like that every day.

a force of buttmunch ships on the horizon to board and pillage. i think i'll be more excited when i feel less suffocated.

i wish i had tomato soup to eat with grilled cheese when i got back to my room. ...i wonder if i could make it to C&R before they close...

david has tomato soup. w00t.

i wonder if i can actually go to bed sometime today.