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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Have managed to put last night's many vexations out of my head. I'm still vexed, but I'm not being vexed.

Though I now have $10 with which to get through the week. And I'm about $100 in debt to myself, to say nothing of the money I was hoping to be able to save for tuition.

And I think most of the available upcoming paycheck will be going to concert dress materials.

Would very much like to know why it seems the only nights I sleep well are the nights I hardly sleep at all (say 4 hours or less).

Have about 20 hours worth of things to do today. Am not suire if will be able to function coherently unless I spend a few of the 12 hours remaining today taking a nap. Brarrrrrgh.

Current Music: Movies of Myself - RW (in head)
Best sleep ever.

If you get the chance, read Farley Mowat's book, Never Cry Wolf. This book is fantastic generally, and has one of the best sleep advices I've ever met. Sleep when tired, take wolf naps. A wolf nap is about 20-40 minutes long.

Unless I'm feeling crappy, I tend to sleep in wolf naps - and trained myself to do so on purpose when I was ten or so by getting an alarm clock, setting it for 40 minutes away, going to sleep, then resetting the clock when it woke me up again... and so on.

After a month of this - and tremendous frustration on the part of my parents, I'd gotten to the point were I woke up every 30-40 minutes and did something.

These days, the same is true, though I tend to sleep in 20-40 minute busts and then read some, get some work done. I would guess it's about teaching the body to use what sleep it does get effectively - cutting lactic acid, dreaming, and so on. When I'm training (physically fit, in other words) I generally get by with 3-5 naps per 24 hour period.

*thinks about it*

Nap time.

Re: Best sleep ever.

I think the problem I might encounter with that is that I sometimes find myself in situations where I simply don't have time to sleep for 36 or 40 hours. If I were tired enough by then to be reliant on naps, I'd crash and burn.

But perhaps something else reprograms with that sort of nap cycle. I may yet try it, though probably not soon.

Re: Best sleep ever.

Hmm. Speaking as someone who does exactly that - 30-50 hours awake - the nap method still generally works. Not napping for extended periods is as bad as not sleeping for the same, but the recovery time, according to my own highly subjective testing, seems to be faster by nap/wake/nap/wake than just sleeping for 14 hours or so after three days of mad coding.

Re: Best sleep ever.

I think the only time I have successfully recovered from sleep deficit after a long period of not-enough-sleep was when I got back from corps tour in 2002 - I spent three days sleeping for 8 hours, waking up, eating, and going back to sleep as soon as I went back to my bedroom. After that I felt absolutely fabulous, though.

Usually sleeping 6 hours too many is about as bad as sleeping 6 hours too few. I'm just as groggy and probably even more disoriented - less likely to be moody or sick and more likely to be really dumb and lackadaisical. The only thing that gets me over hours of nosleep is getting done whatever it was I was trying to do. :p