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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic] - scroll down to the bottom.

Socrates? Cool. Einstein? Cool. Brent Spiner? Cool.

The Olsen twins?

Are they *serious*?!

In other WTF news, apparently Enterprise has been cancelled.

Surely these are dark days.

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Well, apparently Meg Ryan and James Dobson are both ENFPs. At least the Olsen twins didn't write the book that taught me about sex and Growing Up. :-/

::whimpers plaintively::


There, there.

What I really would like to know (reading below in your comments) is what proportion of INTJs answer to the name Daniel ;) ...

Ha, ha. >;p

At least one does, in my world ...

In reference to the above comment, the infamous Nate, my boy, is an ENFP as well. And apparently INFJs and ENFPs really have to work at things to understand eachother, if our relationship is any demonstration.

What I find really bizarre is that they BOTH are INTPs according to that site. From the few INTPs I know, their public personalities really don't seem to match characteristics of INTPs, and by that I mean, they don't seem VERY BRIGHT. But Hollywood likes to portray blondes as pretties with no brains. If I think about it, they were multi-millionaires before the age of 18, and they're attending NYU. They've got to have a teeny tiny something up in the ol' noggin.

Who knows. In any case, I think INTPs are exceptional creatures, if a little bit OBSESSIVE about details every now and then, but that never hurt anyy.... eh, yeah it did. But HEY! Still cool in my book. ;)

Interestingly, we learned today that my ENFP friend's SO is an INFJ.

It seems that many of their communications difficulties spring from discussions of issues on which I think they will never agree. Anyway, they have no grounds to agree on them.

I've never considered the possibility of an INTP that had the kind of fame the Olsens do. It's probably the Ti-Ne talking, but - the more I consider it, the more it seems to fit. Seriously, other than the fact that they made a lot of movies, what does the average person know about them? Nigh on zilch.

I'll think about it more - and maybe pay a bit more attention to them in future...

INTJ. Hmm.

Good grief. Amidst fictional characters, Hannibal Lecter.

Amongst real ones:

Hannibal, Carthaginian military leader
Dan Akroyd
John F. Kennedy

I don't even like fava beans.

Re: INTJ. Hmm.


I suppose Hannibal Lecter kind of makes sense - extremely introverted INTJ's are often stereotyped as quintessential misanthropes...

I've never had fava beans. What are they like?

Re: INTJ. Hmm.

Generally like any old bean, but with fava flavor. Graining, a touch salty. Like a kidney bean with a bloody nose? Horrible description, but kinda matches up.

Re: INTJ. Hmm.

That sounds absolutely revolting. :)

Totally blows about Enterprise. I didn't even watch Enterprise that much, but it's the principle of the thing.

Did you see that there's a new Ender's Game novel coming out, and a movie in 2006?


I haven't really been paying attention to publications lately, but I figured there would be another book sooner or later - the last one had enough threads left dangling that I figured OSC would give Bean a fourth book to match Ender's four.

As for the movie, ... that could be disastrous. Or it could be highly entertaining - though I don't know how one could possibly turn a book as dense as Ender's Game into a movie successfully. Do you know who's directing it? ::toddles off to IMDB::

Unfortunately, they have been talking about the movie for about 10 years... even with talks of Directors picked, but as we all know, nothing has come about yet...

but yeah, it could be good... but most likely it will be disastrous.

And as for the 4 books... I think they were named at the end of Ender's Shadow... There was one that was going to be called something to do with the Valley of the Giant.

We'll see. If they're finally making HG a movie, maybe they'll do Ender too.

Yeh, it's called Shadow of the Giant. I rather prefer the Bean series to the Ender series (after EG) - it maintained that fiercely analytical quality that I enjoyed.

Of course, I might appreciate the Ender series more now that I'm not, y'know, 14 anymore.