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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
"Laleelaleelalee, get your adverbs here..." -- Dr. Jefferies (Hebrew)

I have coughed so much that my lungs are beginning to hurt at the top.

In happier news, I did finally escape opera and make it to Hebrew( albeit 20 minutes late) and I even think I didn't fail my quiz, though darned if I have any idea what any shevas are.

BUT I did the SHHH exercise in band today. Was complicated significantly by the fact that Elizabeth kept laughing and not pushing on my diaphragm. And we had sectionals, and I am confident in my belief that we (horns) don't suck.

Though I did nearly kill Carla on many occasions, I also finally got her to quit screwing up the rhythm in Fanfare for a Golden Sky. WAHOO!

For some reason this reminds me of the time senior year when we played a rhythm wrong in Fantasia in G so long that I quit practicing and called Daniel when I discovered it. And Z stopped the band when we played it right.

High school. Damn those were some crazy times.

Nope, horns don't suck.

Generally because that results in a totally different sound, especially if the spit valve hasn't been emptied in a while. Other than Trey from Phish playing a vacuum cleaner - NOT a wetdryvac, I might add - I can't think of a single instrument that does.

*finds trumpet*
*makes an attrocious sound*

Right then, it's official. Trumpets don't like that at all.

Re: Nope, horns don't suck.


I wonder if you could play an oboe that way. Herm.