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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
a disjunct entry over some 20 hours

Am inexplicably reminded of the last song from The Song Thing, where he talked about Woody Guthrie and Arlo singing about the "no trespassing" sign and Garrison Keillor:

'Round and round we go, we hold each other's hands
And weave ourselves in a circle
The time is gone, the dance goes on.

It's darn catchy.

In honor of other song (mentioned in prior report), have been contemplating signing up for one of those write-to-a-servicefolk things (there are a plethora of organisations, all with varying levels of ... er, organisation.) In my wanderings came across these - and I looked at them and I thought about camo that's green instead of 183597 shades of beige, and I thought about yellow ribbons going back all the way to the Civil War or whenever it was.

We've been in and around the Middle East for three years this go 'round, and we were there before. But even if *this* war ever ends - I will live to see others (anyway I am planning on living at least a *few* whiles longer.) Where will the next one be? Who will start it? What new terrors will it awaken in our dreams?

There's an election going on half a world away from here. I wonder how Americans, restive and satisfied, would react if there was a significant chance that *they* would be in mortal peril while voting.

Rather, there was (the polls had just opened when I wrote that) - would be and were, and still some 10% more of Iraqis voted than we did.

(Later) Am rereading camp journal. May post some under filter, as some is rather personal. Let me know if you are interested in reading. I realize as I reread that I am asking often the thing I ask perennially: Somebody tell me what to believe!

Am. So. Excited. For. Camp.

I begin to wonder whether I *am* meant to be a career cook. Find myself excited to see how all these little pieces of me will fit together, the music and the academia and the kitchen. Excited to read the plot of my life, appreciate its craftsmanship.

And, as always, wonder how Joe's doing, and whether I have enough to tell him to merit writing another email.

Really should get camp pictures developed. Then could send them with Laundry. Hee.

just thought you should know

i think you are supergreat. just wanted to share.
"peace out" said through my nose as much as humanly possible.. ;)

Re: just thought you should know

aw, gee!

thanks :)

peece auut. ;) (think perhaps i should try watching ND again when i am not so BLAH BLAH BLAH distracted...)