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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Teresa is outside my door trying to stick things to the Man. She needs some Post-Its.

TTA was okay. I rather wish that more of it could have been spent eating reception food, playing cards, and cackling and less of it spent sleeping through concerts and going to seminars because I felt like I should do *some*thing. (I went to four, I think: the Jamey Aebersol one, the singing one, the one with the superlongwinded lady, and I really thought there was another...) Jamey Aebersol is a riot. And the singing was fun, but made me tired. The one with the lady and the rhythms failed to tell me much that I didn't already know, though in retrospect, if I'd really thought about the program topic, I wouldn't have expected what I expected.

Will and Blake were hardly around, so we were stuck with no one to collectively complain about except the ever-snogging Ryan and Sara. It was really a good bunch. Made dinner Thurs. night (tacos, corn, misc. rice) - that went pretty well, and I felt like T3H AWESO3M when done (I've never cooked for 20 before. 2, yes; 350, yes; 20? It was an adventure. Esp. with only one skillet. Had too much meat & cheese and not quite enough sour cream or tortillas, but everything else worked out about right. W00T. Schuster ate ALL the leftover corn, for she is a nut.)

Galaxy Brass was t3h awesome [edit: and also they get snaps for having a heart-rending song about a heroic soldier in which the punchline is NOT that the soldier died valiantly (or indeed at all)]. And all-state Jazz band ... OMFGWOW. ::kisses feet:: - Theirs, not yours. Or mine. And SMS's choir (feat. t3h awesome Johanna, and also Keri from church.) And UMKC's band, which I heard from outside. All-Collegiate, after that, was a bit anticlimatic, though I did wake up in time for variation 9 (of the Enigma Variations), and swore to myself as I dozed that I would be the one to figure out (using logical formulas, of course) what the melody was that Elgar used... though also as I dozed I became half-convinced that it was Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Last night (Friday) went to Denny's after rummy till 3 AM with Chaz and Aaron. That was interesting. A. sees some people completely differently than I do, but I am not inclined to disagree with his analyses. He is perceptive in a way that I simply am not - though we do come to some of the same conclusions. Rather interesting. Almost - *almost* - slipped up and blew cover on Xanga snooping, but caught myself, fortunately.

I thought of many deep things on the way home, like how a basic idea that everyone is pretty much the same manifests itself in my desire to take exclusive groups apart. I think it's because those groups make their members think they are different from everyone else and the same as all the other members by dint of their belonging, rather than for valid reasons. I remember having an image in my mind of two big plump drops of water sitting very close to each other on some flat surface - the thing that keeps the drops together (the surface tension) is the same thing that keeps the drops from joining with each other.

And I thought many other things too. I thought maybe the reason I want to take groups apart is because as an introverted I-type, I am somewhat suspicious of social groups. And I wondered whether there was a difference between introverted people who like to be alone and introverts who don't like to be with others, and similarly between extroverts who didn't like to be alone and extroverts who like to be with others. There was much thinking. I can think of few things I like better than thinking and driving a nice long quiet relaxed drive - because although Chaz and Lindsey and Becca were along they did not talk (I suspect they were asleep) and although music was playing I did not listen to it, having better things to occupy my mind & keep me from sleeping. Sorry, all guy circuits (four) are busy at this time, please try again later. Infused with light, felt like glowing, thought of something I first thought yesterday: I really don't know what my face looks like, but I have come to like the way it feels.

Watched about a quarter of Napoleon Dynamite. Just now have put about an eighth of the tin of cocoa in the big mug for an evening beverage (I hate watery cocoa...)

Now maybe will play a wee bit of nethack and go to bed earlyish. Certainly before I start feeling sorry for myself or anything, as I am wont to do when overtired.

Have an awful lot to get done soon. Hopefully can still get it done without going into "CRAP NO NONONONONO GO AWAY" mode. Have all day tomorrow. 'Tleast I *think* I do... 8-/

...Apparently door-latches on doors between hallways have been given furlough. All of them are covered with tidy little wads of duct tape/paper. Interesting.

It is 12:36 AM here, and I am commenting pointlessly.

swore to myself as I dozed that I would be the one to figure out (using logical formulas, of course) what the melody was that Elgar used...

Quintessential (or, in more colloquial but less accurate language: classssic)! You need to put that in your userinfo somewhere ;)

Xanga stalking? Who would do a thing like THAT? ;-P and 4 guy circuits? meh. That sounds exhausting, if I'm reading you correctly. Or maybe I'm just exhausted because I have defective wiring ...

See, I told you it was harder than Hebrew ;)

Re: It is 12:36 AM here, and I am commenting pointlessly.

I should put in my userinfo that my dozing-dreams are about analysing Elgar??.... O_o .... My word.

...The guy thing was kind of a reference to soomething I thought of a long time ago (like, 8 years) that I feel thoroughly foolish to have even mentioned, but am too lazy to delete for posterity. Please disregard.

I thought I told you that a diss was harder than Hebrew... ;D

....And I am quite fond of extended ellipses tonight.

And evidently in my 3-day computer hiatus I have completely forgotten how to type. (I keep leaving letters out!)

Re: It is 12:36 AM here, and I am commenting pointlessly.

a diss

THe writing thereof, not the substance ;-D

my dozing-dreams are about analysing Elgar??....

No--it just strikes me as a very Lucy-ish thing to want to do, figure out the melody behind the Enigma Variations ;)

Re: It is 12:36 AM here, and I am commenting pointlessly.

I do suppose there are few things I like as well as - well - an enigma. ;)

Watched about a quarter of Napoleon Dynamite

Ironically, I did a display of my "ninja skills" at work today in between obituaries.

The reason for the tape...

Duct tape between hallways, particularly when applied by the old wad method, is believed to have been initiated as a ceremony of sorts by the invetor of duct tape so as to convert lintels into something else. Just what else and to what purpose is entirely unsure, though it did result in the upping of his medication later in life.

These days, certain religions view that duct tape holds the universe together, and more importantly that the univers might get out via one of those inter-hallway doors, thus the tape and paper. In many cases before the ceremonial wadding, a specially selected scribe, typically one pure of heart and spirit, will be elected to write small haiku prayers upon the paper before hand.

In other news, let's hope I've had more sleep before I comment next time, eh?

Re: The reason for the tape...

This is deep like the ocean. I must meditate on its meaning.