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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I love me the opera.

After organ practice (I'M LEARNING TO PLAY THE ORGAN HOLY CRAP OMGWTF) stood around with Tyler and Aaron (inexplicably impressed with my awfully simple Rondeau) for a while and had something like a jam session, only instead of being a rock-out jam session, it was a consider-tasty-chord-progressions jam session. Good times.

In other crazy news, I've evidently been nominated to the Who's Who of College People booketything. Herm. ::wonders just how many organizations she should admit to having participated in::

Forgot to do laundry today. Crapdoodle.

Jenny Martintin is playing in jazz band. T3H W00T ensues.



Tell us about your shoes. Are they silver?

At the moment they are still invisible. :P I won't even start pedals until next semester, so am yet looking around for some that suit me. :)

organ shoes

if she lets you get some colour besides black i'll pitch a fit! she made me get black (they totally have RED)... *grumble* but i'll be very jealous... and envy your shoes from afar... ;)


Jenny Martintin played in Jazz band?! Did you ask her to come to Alphaishthings?!?!?! (mary crites) MOO-ah

Re: organ shoes

perhaps if i just don't tell her, and then one day am like "Hey, I got organ shoes"...

Jenny Martintin did play in Jazz band. As yet am still generally too distracted to even see her to think to ask her things, but she said she'd be at TTA this "weekend", so - will try to remember to invite her. ;)


*now thinks of cheese doodles in a whole new light*

Re: *considers*