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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

A long walk, long and cold - long and cold enough to find myself stricken with wonder at everything in the half-light that I'd never seen or noticed before. One cannot really know a town, I don't think, without having walked all through it. I know Fayette, and Glasgow. I don't know Springfield at all. Herm. Food for thought.

There are things I want very much to ask, but do not know if I dare say. The answer I suspect would be bad. The alternative answer would be even worse. But having asked them, I think, would be the best of all.

And the perennial question rears its head again: how much would you give up if you had the chance at the one thing you want most?

Current Mood: thawing
Re: Asking.

Well, there are some things that I don't think I could give up even if I wanted to - they're simply too much a part of me.

Not much running was done tonight but a considerable amount of sneaking was - some for my own personal entertainment, and some because while I was standing in the cemetary a friendly local law enforcement agent rolled by in a squad car and directed the Beam o' Death in my general direction. So I pretended I was a headstone, and some minutes later he drove away. But I continued sneaking. Sneaking is good practice. For sneaking.

I do hope the back of your nose is none the worse for wear, at least in the long run.

The question in question, as it were, is one probably only hours younger than humankind. However, we as a Modern and Developed Species have of course made simple things unnecessarily complicated, but seeing no way to extricate myself from these complications at the moment renders me quiet on this point. Also, it involves the culpability of persons probably familiar to some on the flist. So the matter shall remain so vague, until such time should come when it no longer is.

Have just mentally diagrammed the last clause of that second sentence. Great fun.

Re: Asking.

Ah, people stuff. Wegh. I'm officially not a people person. They ALL baffle me.

Diagrammed the... augh... hurting.

Re: Asking.

Have just mentally diagrammed the last clause of that second sentence
wow... I had never held that diagraming stuff in my memory. I know what the stuff is, and that much is internalized. If it doesn't sound right to me, its probably wrong.

Re: Asking.

I only do because it's so systemmatic - there are really only three things you have to remember: what goes on the line, what sticks off the line at an angle, and what sticks off the angles on another line.

I certainly don't use it to see if my sentences are correct. It's too easy to fudge ;P