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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Good morning.

Tried to take the "Biblical Worldview" test. Had to stop about ten questions in because I could see MASSIVE HEADACHE and CRABBY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY written all over it. The testmakers seem to assume that I assume things that I do not assume (like that America is a shining paragon of anything, and that law should be the arbiter of, and the same as, moral code.) And frankly, I am not feeling quite coy enough to play along right now.

Oh, and they also spend a lot of time talking about the Founding Fathers. Frankly, I am not a terribly good student of American philosophical or religious history. But it seems to me that they are confusing the Bible with the Constitution, which hardly sounds wise.

The real spiritual reason to go into monasticism, or at least one of them I think, is because you learn there how to release your spirit (if not your body) from the laws and orders of men. I know of no habitable land on Earth where that freedom can be a practical, living reality for all its inhabitants.

The search for a significant conglomeration of thinking (as opposed to dogmatic) believers continues. I have found small pockets of them here and there, but yet no one center for us all.

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I was curious so I took it and was "Secular Humanist Worldview."


Not only that, but according to them, every answer has a "Right" answer. Not a "Biblically sound" or a "corresponds to xxx worldview" answer, but a "right" answer. It's ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. And it angers me. And then they tried to get me to go to a workshop to learn the right answers.


I took it and also was a Secular Humanist. I was really angry to learn that if you had 'no opinion' you lost more points than being diametrically opposite of their 'right' answer!

I wondered if that quirk of scoring was actually a programming glitch. Not that I would cast aspersions on their intelligence, or anything [LYING].